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How To Tell If Your Property Is Pest-infested?

How To Tell If Your Property Is Pest-infestedThe first step to keeping your property pest-free is staying vigilant at all times, and knowing when and where you have a pest problem. Pests are sneaky and stealth so we must outsmart them. Although they are good at hiding, there are many ways to tell if your property is pest-infested.

Pests and their activities vary according to seasonal changes. As for the winter season, read more of the winter pest signs on .

However, for most pest infestation happening throughout the year, signs are common and easy to detect.


Here are the pest infestation signs to look out for:

  • Droppings – Pest droppings (or feces) are a clear sign of infestation. If you see black bean-like and “smelly” droppings, you may have a rodent infestation. If there is an out of place scattered dark granules on the floor, especially in darkened areas, that may be a sign of roaches. If there are tiny wood pellets accumulated on the floor, then you may be dealing with termites. The droppings can tell you straight away what kind of pest infestation you may be facing. It is an important cue to call for a pest professional for help.
  • Smells – In addition to the droppings that you may find, the smell is yet another indicator that you have an active infestation at your property. Most pest feces and urine, like that of rodents and possums, and birds, produce a musty, strong odor, you can tell it right away even from a distant. Bedbugs, on the other hand, produce sweet and musty odor while roaches have a smell quite similar to soy sauce.
  • Sounds – Once you hear scampering, squeaking, gnawing, and scratching, you can tell right away that pests have completely invaded your property. Most of these sounds would come from darkened and clustered areas, such as cabinets, ceiling, and attic where most pests tend to hide. Make sure you get rid of these cluttered areas to avoid any attractions to pests.
  • Nesting – Another indicator are pieces of evidence of breeding such as shredded paper, leaves, and tiny pieces of wood or tinder scattered out of place.
  • Physical Damages – Scratched items and food packaging, bite marks on furniture, chewed wirings, and holes are sure signs of infestation. Also, once these damages are starting to happen, schedule a pest inspection with a pest professional to complete necessary pest control procedures before the troubles get worst.

Other Indicators of pest infestation:

  • Red spots on mattresses (caused by bedbugs)
  • Itchy red marks on your skin (caused by bugs or ticks)
  • Scratching pets and scratched marks on their bodies (fleas or ticks)
  • Fallen insect wings
  • Unexplained wall damages and sagging wooden structures (termites)
  • Wooden tunnels lining on your walls (termites)
  • Cobwebs

Call a pest professional

Pest control does not only stop at keeping yourself watchful. Also, you must take necessary actions with a professional pest control operation completed at your property. Now that you know these signs to look out for, scheduling a pest control appointment is extra points for you!

Whatever pest infestation, you can always ask for help from Trusted pest professionals to deliver safe and eco-friendly pest control services that suit your needs.

We are servicing all areas in Queensland, especially in Brisbane and Sydney for both residential and commercial clients.  Call us on 1800 801 223 today for a free pest inspection Brisbane.


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