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Keep Insect Pests Out this Winter

Keep Insect Pests Out this WinterOften, people ask if pest control is necessary during winter. Yes, it is! It’s important to know that NOT all pests retreat to their safe abode and disturb us no more. Most notably, many insects would still be around even during the harshest of the cold weather.

So what are these common winter insects?

These insects never go dormant, regardless of what season there is. However, with the cold months rolling in, quite expect some crawling in your house for refuge, warmth, and food.

Cockroaches – These critters are active all year round. They are highly attracted to moisture and water. They will be in the move, always, searching for food which is available mostly inside homes.

Pro Tip:

  • Eliminate moisture areas. Check pipelines for leakage and repair them immediately.
  • Seal possible entry points.
  • Clean your gutters, store items, and food inc closed containers.
  • Keep sink and pet bowls clean.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Vacuum and empty trash regularly.

Bed Bugs – Bedbugs are the worst nightmare for most people. Bedbugs being in love with warmth and humidity doesn’t mean everyone’s safe from them in the cold months. They hide themselves in between seams, under mattresses and bed covers, and at night, when all are sleeping sound and cozy in their beds, that’s when they start their bloody move. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, meaning they can easily get transported from one place to another through sticking to luggage, bags, and even your clothes!

Pro Tip: After traveling, check your luggage and clothing for any signs of bedbugs. When you suspect some already in your sheets, look for bloodlike stains. Wash and dry them on high heat regularly. Do the same for your clothes and bags.

Fleas – Fleas can quickly get into your home through your pets, unknowingly getting them from grasses outside or flea-infested areas. Fleas will lay their eggs in the winter, ready to hatch when spring comes. They might be slow in winter, but they are always present, hiding beneath floor mats and furniture.

Pro Tip: The first step to prevent fleas is to treat your pets with flea preventive treatments, whether through shampoo or medicine. Wash your pet’s bedding in high heat regularly. Vacuum and see to it that you empty the vacuum after you use it. Keep shrubs trimmed, and grasses mowed to eliminate flea hide spots.

Spiders – The low number of insect preys outside would drive a spider to enter your home. They are attracted to the insects drawn by your light inside the house. It’s a thing that shouldn’t be disregard, as some spider species are highly venomous, pausing a significant threat to your health.

Pro Tip: To keep spiders out is to keep their food out. Thus, eliminate any attraction to any of these spiders preys. Turn off your outdoor lights. Use blinds to block the light inside your house. Vacuum regularly. Clear out clutter inside your home.

Moth – The invasion of moths also means the invasion of spiders and are highly drawn to lights in houses.

Pro Tip: Eliminate possible attractions, as mentioned above.

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