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wes-on-stageEach year, people all over the world get together to celebrate New Years Eve. Unfortunately, for Brisbane man Wesley Vasile, New Years Day 2011 was when he lost Christian, one of his closest friends, to suicide.

Wesley was away in Mexico when he heard the news. Returning home to Brisbane for the funeral in January, he vividly remembers seeing another good friend, David, with whom he exchanged hugs, tears and memories of a good friend.

Three months later David, too, took his own life. Wesley’s mind was a confused haze of questions. What had happened here? Why? And what could he do about it?

The impact was felt by those close to Wesley. Closer than he thought. This series of events brought together a group of passionate individuals, all of who have had their fair share of experience with suicide. The topic of suicide was debated and analysed. The conclusion of the group was that suicide was taboo. Why hadn’t any of their other friends discussed it, even after these two tragic deaths?

This is where Wesley, and his brother Tudor Vasile came up with the idea Walk for Awareness, and established the Mental Awareness Foundation.. The annual Walk for Awareness would involve bringing people together in a friendly environment where the issues of mental health could be discussed openly with friends, family and supportive strangers. It was based on the belief that the matters surrounding suicide should be talked about, not shut away.

Today, Mental Awareness Foundation is run by a union of individuals who are making a difference in society.

2016 at the moment : 2016 Walk for Awareness

To date Wesley and Tudor have raised over $300,000 for Mental Health in Brisbane

A good idea to add a like to our site too Mental Awareness Foundation – http://www.mentalawarenessfoundation.org/