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Watch Out! Pests Can Survive In Extreme Summer Heat

Watch Out! Pests Can Survive In Extreme Summer HeatWith the soaring temperatures in the Australian summer, people are doing ways to keep themselves cool. But what about insects?

We all know insects are common during summer as they can handle the heat. Insects are cold-blooded, meaning their body temperatures adjust to the present temperatures in the environment – the reason being why they thrive well in the heat than in the cold.

The warm temperature is what insects love to allow them to breed faster and the reproduction cycle to intensify. With all these phenomena going on in summer, here are the possible outcomes:

  • Increased insect population
  • Rapid breeding and fast insect life cycle
  • Lower crop production
  • More household infestations

Even though insects are known well to thrive in the summer heat, most bugs won’t like to get burnt to the crisp of the sweltering weather. Like most people, insects would also find ways on how to cool themselves off and find shelter for protection.

The Uninvited Guests

Australians encounter more insect infestation at their homes during summer. Bugs alter their natural behaviors to survive the present environment condition they are in.

When the weather gets intense for them, they start venturing indoors to seek shelter. Other than the protection our home provides, it can also give them the resources that they need such as food, water, and nice warmth to continue thriving.

Besides, insects would become dormant by day and active at night. When the temperatures are in a high drought, they would spend less time in the presence of scorching heat outside; otherwise, they would sneak into our homes for protection from the sun.

What are these common summer insect pests in Australia?

  • Mosquitoes – Although mosquitoes may not be as many due to lack of standing water. The warm weather, however, makes their breeding and life cycle go faster, which is why an increased mosquito activity is still evident during summer.
  • Flies – Flies are a menace both indoors and outdoors. Their worst eating habits make them a hazard to human health and the food industry. They can breed and multiply rapidly – a factor that could make fly infestation get out of hand.
  • Cockroaches – Cockroaches don’t mind the heat, they are present and active all year-round. They love the moisture and food present in your home. With these resources available, they would love to stick around for good.
  • Butterflies – A lot of plants and trees produce more flowers during summer which results in an abundance of butterflies feeding on them.
  • Bees, Wasps, & Hornets – Bee activity also increases in summer due to little to no rain, making it a perfect time for them to buzz around and find sweet nectars to feed on. With a lot of bees as prey to predatory insects, wasps and hornets would also come in high number.
  • Spiders – With the abundance of nourishment around from prey insects, spiders will more likely to increase in population as well. As they feed on roaches, bugs, butterflies, bees, and other insects, more and more spiders would be spinning a web in your garden or around your house exteriors.
  • Ants – Ants can be highly vulnerable to intense heat due to the small of their size. In summer, they would either dig deep below the ground to extend their colony or venture into our homes which is far easier for them
  • Fleas & Ticks – With more people coming out for a walk with their pet companion out in the sun, either you or your pet might get fleas and ticks from infested bushes, weeds, or from other infested pets.
  • Bedbugs – Bedbugs thrive well in the presence of warmth. The high temperature allows them to breed faster and intensify the life cycle that allows them to increase in population.

Although pest populations are high in summer, keeping a watchful eye of the pest activity around you and following preventive actions will help keep you and your family safe from them.

Protection from Summer Insects

To help you be fully secure from pests, we recommend you to have pest management inspect of your property for signs of infestation you may not be aware of. Our wide range of home and garden pest control Brisbane will help ensure your summer won’t be ruined by bugging summer insects.

All our pest control operations and products are all safe, eco-friendly, and effective. Call us today for a free inspection or if you simply are looking for pest advice.


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