Warning! Summer can bring in not just insect invasion but something even more menacing.

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Keep Safe from the Worst of Summer Pests

pest managementNow that summer is here, people across Australia have started to wonder what other different methods there are to keep pests at bay. With the sweltering conditions present in Australia currently, pests seem to get a little more aggressive in finding a place to protect themselves from the worst of the summer sun.

For many of us, the pest can be truly bombarding, especially for those who have mosquito-friendly blood. Talk about hearing that irritating whine around your ears and getting that super itchy bite marks.

Chemical sprays and other quick fixes might help solve a portion of these yearly problems; however, the improper use of these can lead to serious issues to your health and family, pets, and even to your property.

What better way to address the pest infestation problem that you have is getting a pest professional complete a pest control at your property. Pest experts can take a look and identify the source of the infestation and determine what methods should be applied to solve the problem – safely and effectively.

How safe are you from pests this summer?

With the soaring temperatures in the Australian summer, pests found the sweltering conditions as an excuse to invite themselves into our homes.

Although most pests like warm weather, they also need water resources to thrive. As for insects not being able to generate their own body heat, they rely on the sun rays’ warmth to keep thriving. But too much heat and dryness can also kill them, especially when they are left exposed outdoors, and so they tend to get into our homes for protection – the reason being why there is an increased insect pest activity indoors during summer.

Cockroaches don’t mind the heat, ultimately because they live mostly inside our homes. But once they are present inside, that means spiders also are! Spiders primarily prey on roaches and will stick around if there are plenty of insects to feed on and place to hide.

On the other hand, mosquitoes may not be as plentiful due to the lack of standing water, but the warm weather helps make their breeding and life cycles happen faster. The warm temperature could also bring in increased activity of butterflies and bees that provide ample nourishment for predators such as wasps, hornets, spiders, birds, and reptiles.

The warm weather affects rodents and other small mammal activities as well. What other places could give the ideal resources they need to thrive aside from their natural habitat? Most probably your home.

And BEWARE! It is not just crawling bug insects or little rodents desperately trying to make their way into our homes and garden, snakes can also be one of them!

Quite often, you may have encountered a snake coiling in your bathroom, bathtub, or under your bed. It’s because it provides them a perfect condition their body needs to stay cool against the worst of the summer season.

With all these possibilities that may take place, one must keep in mind the preventive pest control measures to avoid any mishaps in the future. But you don’t have to worry! You can always call a pest expert if you’re unsure of what to do with an active infestation in your home or are simply looking for a piece of advice.

Call a Pest Expert for Peace of Mind

The extra advantage of having a trained pest control professional treating your property is that they can alert you of certain pest problems you may not be aware of. Trusted Pest Management brings you peace of mind by doing a thorough pest inspection Brisbane at your property and performing a pest treatment if necessary.

Our pest operators are well-trained and experienced to help you come up with the right solutions to solve your pest problem. Call us today to learn more about our home and garden pest control services available across Queensland, Australia!


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