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Keep Cockroaches at Bay this Christmas

cockroach removal tipsAs December draws close, Australians are excited for both things: Summer and Christmas. From barbeque parties, Christmas dinners, to family gatherings, we all look forward to celebrating it with our families and friends. However, as we may expect all the goodies this holiday season, the rising temperature that comes along this month also signifies the invasion of these nasty pests into our homes: cockroaches.

Cockroach infestation goes crazy every summer, particularly in December when the temperature is at its warmest. The outbreak does not only cause a nuisance to human activities …

Pests to Watch Out for This Summer in Australia

Pests to Watch Out for This Summer in AustraliaSummer and pests always seem to go hand in hand. As the temperature rises during summer, pests feel it more ideal to reproduce with much available food from blossoming trees and the presence of warmth. When it’s summer, pests can be everywhere – both inside and outside your property.Though some common pests may seem to be active all year round, most pests become highly productive and aggressive during the hot summer season. These pests can and will disrupt your day to day activities, from …

Summer Pests: Bugs That Are Bugging Australian Households

Australia is always struck by major pest problems every year – from mild incidents to costly damages to homes, and even to human health. As summer is here, the increase in average temperature also signifies the rise of insect activity.

Humans might be quite used to insects that seem to annoy human activities over the summer, there is, however, a scientific explanation to that. The real reason why pest population, especially insects, a boom in summer are the availability of food and the ideal warming temperatures. Food sources can be everywhere: ranging from blossoming flowers to trees, crops, and even a …

Spring Pest Preventative Advice to Keep Pests at Bay

The improved weather conditions during spring attract more pests in your property. As most pests thrive and tend to breed faster during this warm season, preventative measures must be carried out to keep nasty pests off your property, your family, and your pets.

Here’s a room-to-room guide of things you can do to prevent pest infestations in your property:

rodent and mouse controlThe kitchen, perhaps, can be the most attractive and infested part of your property, due to the availability of food and water. Common visitors would be ants, roaches, and other pantry pests …

Watch out for Termites in Spring

Spotting the signs of termite infestation in early spring is vital for your home. Termite infestation can be severely damaging to the structural stability of a house or a building, without anyone knowing before it is too late. Termites cause as much as $5 billion worth of damage each year – truly one of costly loss anyone doesn’t ever want to experience.

Thus, taking note of possible infestation signs is of utmost importance.

What could be lurking behind your walls?
Termites in SpringTermites are one of those pests that emerge from their overwintering spots during …

Fleas – Making a Spring Nuisance for Humans and Pets

Fleas can become a nightmare when temperatures start to climb high. This situation can leave humans bothered as well as our pets that are easy targets of these parasites.

Flea outbreaks are always a particularly significant problem in Australia. By the upcoming summer season which will start by the end of November, the increasing temperatures signify yet another pest infestation and abundance of fleas as the warm weather helps them mature faster.

Fleas Life Cycle as per weather condition
flea life cycleFlea eggs, larvae, and …

Prevent Ticks This Spring

Reduce the burden the ticks bring to your family and pets with a comprehensive tick pest control

Prevent Ticks This SpringTicks have become a serious community problem in New South Wales, particularly in Sydney. These teeny tiny blood-sucking pests have always caused trouble among family members and their pets, and brought serious health problems. Paralysis ticks, one of the most dangerous tick species, are widespread in Sydney, with reported worst tick infestations taking place in the Northern Beaches, North Suburb areas, and Sydney’s Hills Districts.
What are Ticks and How Can They …

Common Spring Pests (And How To Prevent Them)

Watch out for pests on the move this spring

Common Spring Pests And How To Prevent ThemAnyone can expect a lot of insects that come our way upon the beginning of spring. The ideal warm weather and increasing food availability have attracted most of the pests to infest and eventually, may take a visit inside our properties.
Common Spring Pests
Mosquito – Mosquitoes have brought nuisance among residents. Females of most species are always actively seeking for a bloody meal, aiming at both humans and animals. Necessary for breeding, they consume …

Spring Outdoor Pests To Control

Now is our time to keep your eyes on outdoor pests that are active this spring.

Spring Outdoor Pests To ControlThe increasing temperatures are ideal for blooming flowers, and pests love it, too. This condition is when outdoors become annoying – and dangerous. Pests can wreak havoc on your household and even on your outdoor hobbies.

Outdoor enthusiasts and garden hobbyists must watch for pests that are on the move this spring, as they are at higher risk of pest encounters outside.
What are the …

Identify and Prevent Household Spring Pests

Protect your home and your family from household pests this spring with a trusted pest control
Identify and Prevent Household Spring PestsIt feels quite a relief for spring is here, but not for everyone. The beginning of the spring season is yet another period to watch for pests that are on the move this spring.

With the blossoming of flowers and the beginning of warm weather, comes the new attraction for a lot of pests that are looking for food source and ideal place to breed. People in Australia are starting to …

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