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Common pests to watch for this Winter

Keep mindful of bugging pests coming around the cold months

Common pests to watch for this WinterThe beginning of the cold months has caused diverse animal activities in the environment. Some begin with long migrations to warmer places, others go on with hibernation, and there are also quite a lot of those which will start sneaking in our homes for shelter and protection against the cold.


Pest invasion during winter

Pests are something to be watchful of during the cold season. Both insects of a few species and warm-blooded animals will try to get inside houses or enclosed properties in search of shelter, warmth, and available food source. Many people will often start noticing bugs or beetles in their bedrooms or kitchen, and rodents in garage, basements, and sheds.


So what are these pests that you should expect this winter?

  1. Rats & house mice – Being warm-blooded animals, rodents such as rats and mice won’t survive the cold weather outside. In such case, these pests will desperately enter homes to seek shelter, warmth, and food which are available inside. They will nest in wall voids, sheds, or even in old cabinets. The risks of having these pests are the possible damage to your electrical wirings, food contamination, and infection due to bites and scratches.
  2. Roaches – Well roaches don’t really pick a season as to when they attack. They always do sneak in everytime they find enough food source to sustain themselves. Though they are most active during summer, the beginning of winter season doesn’t mean your home is safe from these nasties. Roaches are notorious for carrying germs and viruses around their bodies, and you can’t risk having your plates and food be contaminated by these pests.
  3. Termites – Termites remain active all year round. Though they’re highly active during summer, termites such as the subterranean species would go deeper into the ground to keep themselves warm during the cold months, otherwise, they sneak inside houses to gain access to the warmth that is available inside.
  4. Ants – During winter, some people find ants hiding under wood piles, underneath boxes, and inside cabinets. These places provide ideal shelter to lay eggs and raise their nymphs with an available food source that can be accessed in the house.
  5. Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are always unexpected visitors. They can hitch a ride through purses or bags or even in clothes, allowing them to be transferred from one room to another. They can easily hide well between cloth seams or under bed covers. They are parasites that feed on human blood. Their bites are itchy and painful, one must get rid of them as soon as possible before they multiply in numbers.
  6. Overwintering Pests – These pests are those that overwinter in your home for protection and in search of food source which is obviously hard to find outside during the cold months. These pests start entering homes in fall to nest in winter Overwintering pests are mostly insects such as beetles, ladybugs, and stink bugs. They’re usually out in the afternoon in the western part of the house where they sun-bathe for warmth. Always check on your outer walls or windows for signs of active pest infestation.


What does Trusted do in winter?

Trusted Pest Management keeps up with providing excellent pest control service all throughout the year. And for the cold months, we provide our exclusive winter service across Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. During this service, we check for signs of infestation, starting off with monitoring pest activity as part of Integrated Pest Control (IPC)  practices. Our professionals see to it that all entry points are treated to stop pests from entering your home.

You can also do your part! With proper sanitation and pest preventive maintenance at home, you can be free from the risk of pest damage and health problems. Though other pests can be beyond your own control, we’re here to back you up! Call us for a free pest inspection today!


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