Beware! Bugs could be inhabiting your Christmas tree by now.

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Keep Bug Pests Off Your Beloved Christmas Tree

How exciting it is to be finally putting up our Christmas trees in our homes. Most people always look forward to setting up Christmas decorations when December arrives, and a Christmas tree is one of the most significant ones.

Whether you have a real tree or an artificial one, both can be an ideal place for bugs such as spiders, roaches, ants, and mites to live in.

Every Christmas tree can harbour bugs inside your home. Some may have been living in it for a long time as an ideal hideaway or protection; others may have just latched on it after being attracted to the lights.

It is important that you keep watchful of invading insects inside your home before they can become serious infestations, and thus cause further damage. So we highly recommend these following tips to keep pests off your Christmas tree and your home:

For Real Trees

If you opt for a real tree, chances are the tree itself has already been brimming with bugs and even other animals from the outside. Common bugs that might be living include aphids, spiders, beetles, moths, caterpillars, mites, praying mantises, and webworms. Bird nests and droppings can also come into play. How to get rid of those?

  • Shake it off – Before setting up your Christmas tree and your holiday decorations, shake off your tree before it even enters your home. Get rid of loose needles. This helps get rid of bugs possibly clinging to the branches and eggs on the leaves.
  • Inspect – Check rigorously for spiders, spider webs, aphids, and roaches from top to bottom of the trunk.
  • Turn up the heat inside you home – Most bugs are used living in the cold as their body temperatures can adjust according to the surrounding temperature. Turning the heat in your home will cause insects to flee back outside or die.
  • Avoid spraying your Christmas tree with bug spray – Most bug sprays are flammable and can result in fatal accidents if used the wrong way. If you got an infestation and unsure of what to do, we recommend you to call a pest control professional right away.

For Artificial Trees

If you want to stay economical, artificial trees are always the best option. Most probably, artificial trees are kept in the attic, basement, or the crawlspace for 11 months. Being kept in a dark place for a long time means bugs have already nested and laid their eggs on it. Here’s how to keep your artificial Christmas tree bug-free:

  • Bring your tree outside to shake off any bugs, eggs, and droppings in the branches and leaves
  • Vacuum the leaves and branches to make sure you get all the bugs and eggs that are still stubbornly sticking into them
  • Give your tree a thorough inspection for pests before setting it up and putting the rest of your decorations
  • DON’T spray insecticides into the Christmas tree on your own as it may be risky to your health and damaging to your property. Get a pest professional to do it for you.

Christmas trees are important to holiday traditions. Don’t let bugs ruin the happiness it brings for you and your family. Take heed of preventive measures to keep them out all the time.

If you end up having a bug infestation on your hands, don’t hesitate to call Trusted’s Brisbane pest control experts. We are always available to come and take a look to determine the best methods to solve your pest problem, including pest treatment and pest removal/relocation. Trusted Pest Management will provide you with home and garden pest control services best suited for all your pest issues at your property.

Christmas season is meant to be enjoyed, not to be causing you some frustrations over some stubborn critters infesting your home. With our professional pest experts and comprehensive pest control methods, you are sure we got you covered every season of the year. Call us today!


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