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Are you concerned about termites and other timber-devouring pests?

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Termite Inspection Brisbane and Sydney

Why termite Inspection is so important

Statistics show that at least 1 out of every 3 homes in Australia will experience termite problems. This means that if you live in a quiet street with 30 homes, at least 10 of them will get these unwelcome visitors at some stage. This can devalue your home by more than 20%?

Termites cause an estimated $1 billion dollars in damage annually. Throughout our experience, we have found that termite infestation to a dwelling has generally occurred due to the simply fact that no effective termite protection exists.

That is why termite inspection is crucial to every home.  Invest in termite inspection now before it’s too late and you have to spend much more.


How to identify if you have termites

Are you concerned about termites and other timber-devouring pests?

Termites are comparable in size to ants, which makes it difficult to detect.

Here are a few ways you can determine whether you may have termites:

  • Hollow sounding timber: Termites feed below the surface of the wood/timber making them very hard to notice. Has a hollow sound when you tap or knock.
  • Any cracked or bubbling paint: This is caused by the internal damage the termites cause.
  • Termite droppings: Also known as frass, they don’t cause the damage but are more of an indicator.
  • Odour: This may be a musty/pungent odor, similar to water damage.
  • Mud tunnels: Made up from a mixture of frass and mud. This is what connects the nest to the food source, found on the exterior of the walls.

There are many other ways you can identify termites but without professional help, you are more likely to see the damage they cause before you see the termites themselves.That’s why it is best to leave it to the experts.


Termite Control

Put an end to termite infestation that’s damaging your property with trusted’s earth-friendly termite control and treatment services.

Termites can be of a great problem to your home and property. If not given quick action, they can create an extensive damage by burrowing and tunneling into the walls and columns of a house or building. Fortunately, Trusted Pest Management is here to give you the best termite defense and treatment to save your property from future damage termites brought with their invasion.


How destructive can the termites be?

Termite infestation is a common yet a serious problem to humans. Surely, anyone can attest to how destructive they are to buildings, homes, and even to food crops. Termites are a serious threat as they can consume a massive amount of wood in one day. They will feed and feed on the wood until what’s left is an empty shell. A single termite can eat up to 5 grams of wood per day. Just imagine having this whole colony of about a hundred thousand population feeding on any part of your property now!

Most termite colonisation is left undetected until parts are severely damaged. But in some instances, you can guess right away if there’s a termite infestation going on in your area just by the tunnels they built with the wood and soil they ate that are visible on the walls or posts, serving as a safe passage for them. Another obvious sign is those tiny wood specs on the floor excreted by these insects. Houses or buildings, especially those constructed from wood, are easy and vulnerable targets of these pests.


Proven and environmentally friendly solution to all termite problems

Trusted Pest Management addresses to this kind of problem with only authentic and eco-sensitive termite control solutions. As for these bugging insects infesting your property, Trusted’s experts perform rigorous termite defense and termite treatment to eliminate them before they can do damage to a great extent. Part of our termite control services, we also perform an annual maintenance check-up to ensure these insects won’t come back and ruin your property.


Extensive termite control for residential and commercial areas

We provide preventive termite control solutions to both residential and commercial areas, ensuring your sentimental and valuable properties and business won’t become as easy targets by these insects. We will thoroughly inspect your area for signs of termite infestation and readily work on eliminating them before they could do worse. Need no bother with the tools we use as we are are consistently adhering to Integrated Pest Control (IPC) and Environmental Pest Management (EPM) practices, rest assured you get the safest and most trustworthy pest control methods for your place, you, and your family. Contact us for termite inspection today!


How we can help

At Trusted Pest Management, our mission is to deliver the world’s best value in termite inspection and control. Your white ant inspection service will come with written specifications, customised diagrams and an inspection report after your consultation.

We provide termite inspection services across Brisbane and Sydney. Along with residential we also offer commercial termite inspection in Brisbane and Sydney.

Trusted Pest Management backs its termite treatments. So much so, that if we complete a full termite barrier to the perimeter of your home, Trusted Pest Management Brisbane and Sydney will issue a 100% Termite Barrier Guarantee*. This unique Termite Guarantee ensures that you have absolute peace of mind making you feel Safe & Secure.

Trusted Pest Management operates in Brisbane and surrounding areas and we offer our unique 100% Termite Protection Guarantee* keeping your home – your most important investment safe.

  • 17 + Years industry experience
  • Our unique Trusted Termite Protection Guarantee*
  • Termite Treatments delivered to Australian Standards.
  • Use of premium products only (refer to SAFE Policy)
  • Built on repeat business and a solid reputation.

Protecting our customers from the destruction of termites is our number 1 Priority.

To ensure that you receive the best possible service and quality treatment, we need you to understand why our customers choose us to protect their homes.

Your Building & termite Inspection will be completed by TWO independent industry professionals. You will receive two detailed verbal reports when on site, if you are not onsite we can call you. Two individual reports, with the use of photographs, thermal imaging testing & moisture meters detailing the condition of your property, identifying potential hazards and preventive maintenance necessary.

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