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Eradicate Fire Ants

Trusted Pest Management now eradicate Fire Ants!

Are you facing the threat of invasive fire ants in Australia? If so, then you need to act fast to stop the spread. Fire ants are notorious invaders, and once they establish a foothold on your property, the consequences can be severe. At Trusted Pest Management, we understand the urgent need to eradicate these pests. With our specialised Fire Ant Pest Control Services in Australia, we will help you to take control of your property – explore our solutions below and take the first step towards a pest-free environment today.

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Facts About Fire Ants

For those living in South-East Queensland, fire ants can pose a significant risk to their property, family, and community. Fire ants are an invasive species that are known for their aggressive nature and painful stings. If you’re wondering where they get their name from, it’s because their sting has often been described as feeling like a burn – it’s not something you want to experience for yourself! Reddish-brown in colour and small but mighty, fire ants can easily go undetected. Professional support to identify and treat fire ants can be crucial to keeping this threat under control.

Fire ants aren’t just a threat to the safety of our own home, but also to our wider environment. They thrive in our warm Queensland climate, which can lead them to establish extensive colonies that house thousands of ants. Fire ants can also present a fatal threat to small animals and many of Australia’s native species.

Dangers of Fire Ant Infestations

If you suspect a fire ant infestation around your home, the time to act is now. Fire ant infestations pose all kinds of dangers, including:

  • Health risks: with their stings causing intense pain, reactions can include swelling, itching, or severe allergic reactions that require urgent medical attention. For children or elderly family members, these risks can be significant and serious.
  • Risks to family pets: like humans, animals can also experience immense suffering as a result of a nasty fire ant sting. Localised pain, redness, or pustules may develop from a sting, but prolonged exposure (or multiple stings) can also lead to severe reactions. For smaller pets, this can be life-threatening.
  • Property damage: The large mounds that fire ants can quickly build on your lawn or in your garden can cause damage to gardening equipment and to electrical equipment, potentially resulting in dangerous electrical malfunctions.
  • Agricultural risks: fire ants can lead to crop damage, reduced harvests, and substantial costs in pest control measures.

Signs of a Fire Ant Infestation

Are you worried you don’t know how to spot a fire ant infestation? By learning how to recognise the signs of a fire ant infestation, you can reduce the risks these insects can pose through early intervention. If you’re unsure what to look for to identify a fire ant problem, here are some easy signs:

  • Noticeable mounds: while regular anthills have entry and exit holes, fire ant mounds don’t. They’re often flat, irregular in shape, and can pop up quickly after rain.
  • Aggressive behaviour: you’ll know when you’ve disturbed a fire ant mound, because they’ll be quick to swarm aggressively. Unlike other ant species, which are more passive, fire ants are ready to put up a fight – and it’s one you don’t want to be involved in.
  • Visible trails: well-defined paths can point to where fire ants are moving in a line, hunting for food to sustain themselves.
  • Stings and pustules: if one of your family members has a sudden, unexplained sting or pustule, this can point to the unwelcome presence of fire ants.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fire Ant Pest Control

While you might be used to handling some pests on your own, fighting fire ants needs more than a DIY approach. With these invasive creatures posing so many threats to properties and humans, handing their removal over to a professional is the safest way forward.

Our expert team at Trusted Pest Management are trained to identify fire ants, as well as assess where they’re at in their habits and life cycle. This empowers us to take a targeted, effective approach to eradicating them from their home. Our professional service also gives you the peace of mind of a permanent solution, with ongoing support in place to make sure fire ants aren’t going to come back for another bite. We’re also highly selective in our treatment choices, using safe treatment options that pose no risk to children, pets, or your home environment.

Why Choose Trusted Pest Management

When it comes to a fire ant infestation, you want the best of the best. Our friendly and passionate team brings expertise, safety, and long-term effectiveness to every one of our fire ant treatments. We’ll also follow up seven days after treatment and provide a one-month free service period to make sure your home remains safe from invasion.

Accredited by the Queensland government, our work keeps our way of living safe and secure, making sure Australians can enjoy their homes to the fullest.

We’re committed to making South-East Queensland safer for families and native species alike. With years of experience, we provide the highest quality of residential and commercial pest control and fire ant treatment services.

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