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Trusted Pest Management understands that Commercial facilities & Restaurant are very sensitive areas.

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With over 20 years experience, our Brisbane pest control and pest inspections team are trained & certified

Trusted Pest Management's Child, Food and Pet Safe policy protects your family and most valuable assets

Trusted Pest Management is now HACCP Accredited. HACCP is an international recognised food management system.

Commercial & Restaurants

Trusted Pest Management understands that Commercial facilities & Restaurant are very sensitive areas. The importance of good hygiene and a solid pest maintenance program is vital towards a business reputation. Therefore, the future of your business itself, the health of your employees, the comfort of your customers rely on YOUR choice of a reputable commercial pest control firm such as Trusted Pest Management.

Proper pest control and management has a major impact on your company’s viability and success.Commercial/Restaurant facilities are sensitive areas so having an experienced pest control company performing your pest management services is essential. Trusted Pest Management service many industries including Commercial Buildings, Child Care Centres, Hospitality, Food & Beverage Establishments, and many more.

These organisations demand high standards
– shouldn’t your business?

Trusted Pest Management has proven track record of reliability and professional pest management matched with cost effective treatment options is a must. Trusted Pest Management current client base is Merlo Coffee, James St Markets, Gasworks Markets, Royal Albert Hotel, Lorna Jane Head office/Storage.

Trusted can help your business with its pest control needs. Trusted Pest Management takes on a “duty of care” to ensure its clients are safe and well informed about unwanted pests.

The company’s Child, Food and Pet Safe policy protects tenants and staff from harmful chemicals and is consistent with Workplace Heath and Safety guidelines.

Importance of pest control for your business?

  • Council Intervention

    Premises with on-going and out of control pest infestation are subject to health audits, which could lead to temporary or permanent closure. brisbane city council particularly is judging food based business on their on-going pest management program.

  • Unwanted pests can pose a threat to any business in numerous ways

  • Workplace Disruptions

    Many pests can cause possible rashes, bites & sores leading to discomfort in the work place.

    Unhappy Customers

    When a pest problem exists, it could cost your business it’s reputation. Customer expect and deserve to be served in a clean, hygienic and safe environment.

  • Health Issues

    Stomach upsets, Diarrhoea & Salmonella poisoning can be transferred by heavy cockroach infestation. These terrible sicknesses could affect your customers, staff and business reputation quickly.

Trusted Pest Management is your complete & reliable solution towards commercial/restaurant pest control.

Our commercial pest control services include:

  • General Pest Control – Cockroaches, Silverfish, Blacks Ants or Spiders
  • Rodent Control
  • Bird Control
  • Bed Bug Control

Trusted Pest Management’s Child, Food and Pet Safe Policy is critically important to the commercial industry. Not only does the policy provide a safe environment for customers and staff, but ensures the principles of industry’s standard are maintained.

If your business has a pest issue, Contact Trusted Pest Management for the free no obligation quotation.

Pest Control for Restaurants, Cafes, Commercial or food premises

Do you own a restaurant, café or perhaps a food establishment of some sought?

Are you aware that pest control is one of the compliance factors that you get rated on by the Brisbane City Council?

When was the last time you completed a pest control audit to your commercial property or restaurant to ensure you are compliant.

Did you know that high volume food service business such as cafes and restaurant should be serviced for pest control at a minimum of every 3 months?

Are you aware of your reputation your business has when it comes to hygiene and pest control matters?

Do you currently have a pest control maintenance program that covers Rats, Mice & Cockroaches?

Trusted Pest Management Brisbane is the leader towards pest control compliance. With over 17 years’ experience Trusted Pest Management can offer all restaurant & café the peace of mind with sustainable, safe and affordable solutions, but most of all being compliant solutions with the Brisbane City Council.

After a service is completed with Trusted Pest Management, our technician will supply a detailed “Service Report” book which is required for compliance.

Trusted Pest Management also has the ability to take digital photos of any premises for electronic records for any possible future issues should they arise.

Use the best, Trusted Pest. Get compliant today.

Call us for a free pest control quotation : 1 800 801-223.

Trusted Seamless Delivery

Trusted internal client service initiative

Trusted’s aim is to perform a perfect delivery for all our pest maintenance clients. Trusted Pest Management has made a conscious effort to tailor our business to the real estate sector both residential & commercial, food establishments business and body corporate management.

Trusted 4 points of seamless delivery

  • On-time – Our goal is to ensure that any work order sent is actioned immediately. Our focus is to have a maintenance requested either booked in, completed, or communication activated within 24 hours. Job will be completed as instructed on-time & budget every-time.
  • Pest Free – After completion of each job, client is completely satisfied with our work. If a problem arises, no questions asked, work guarantee.
  • Compliance Delivery – After service is completed, depending on what sector, either Compliance Service Reports books are issued & invoice is issued to client – avoidance of any time lag.
  • Achievement of key client value -Eg: clear communication – Trusted will ask our client, what is the single most important thing you would like Trusted to achieve from using our business?


Get RID of Pests In 4 Easy Steps

1. Contact

Call us and we will arrange for your local pest specialist to contact you

  • Local pest specialists
  • Calls returned within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)

2. Survey

We will discuss your pest problem, schedule an appointment and provide a quote and recommendations.

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Solutions tailored to your pest problem

3. Treatment

Our state certified pest specialists will come to your home or business and provide treatment.

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Environmentally sensitive approach
  • Child & pet friendly treatments

4. Aftercare

We'll make foll-ups as and visits as you require to ensure your problem is resolved.

  • Guaranteed solutions
  • Prevention advice

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