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Pest Control Services and Pest Management

Brisbane and Sydney are among the common places in Australia where pest invasion is rampant and tremendously growing. With a rising number of concerns among residents regarding environmental and health-related issues brought by pests, Trusted Pest Management strives to bring the effective pest control services to eliminate this problem and bring relief to everyone.

Pest invasion, if not controlled or stopped, can cause unfortunate damages to household and even badly affect our health and pets. Reported cases of pest damage in Brisbane and Sydney include damaged ceilings and electrical wirings, walls and closets contaminated with feces and urine, and even health infection to …

Prevent Ticks This Spring

Reduce the burden the ticks bring to your family and pets with a comprehensive tick pest control

Prevent Ticks This SpringTicks have become a serious community problem in New South Wales, particularly in Sydney. These teeny tiny blood-sucking pests have always caused trouble among family members and their pets, and brought serious health problems. Paralysis ticks, one of the most dangerous tick species, are widespread in Sydney, with reported worst tick infestations taking place in the Northern Beaches, North Suburb areas, and Sydney’s Hills Districts.

What are Ticks and How Can They …

Common Spring Pests (And How To Prevent Them)

Watch out for pests on the move this spring

Common Spring Pests And How To Prevent ThemAnyone can expect a lot of insects that come our way upon the beginning of spring. The ideal warm weather and increasing food availability have attracted most of the pests to infest and eventually, may take a visit inside our properties.

Common Spring Pests
Mosquito – Mosquitoes have brought nuisance among residents. Females of most species are always actively seeking for a bloody meal, aiming at both humans and animals. Necessary for breeding, they consume …

Spring Outdoor Pests To Control

Now is our time to keep your eyes on outdoor pests that are active this spring.

Spring Outdoor Pests To ControlThe increasing temperatures are ideal for blooming flowers, and pests love it, too. This condition is when outdoors become annoying – and dangerous. Pests can wreak havoc on your household and even on your outdoor hobbies.

Outdoor enthusiasts and garden hobbyists must watch for pests that are on the move this spring, as they are at higher risk of pest encounters outside.

What are the …

Identify and Prevent Household Spring Pests

Protect your home and your family from household pests this spring with a trusted pest control
Identify and Prevent Household Spring PestsIt feels quite a relief for spring is here, but not for everyone. The beginning of the spring season is yet another period to watch for pests that are on the move this spring.

With the blossoming of flowers and the beginning of warm weather, comes the new attraction for a lot of pests that are looking for food source and ideal place to breed. People in Australia are starting to …

Mosquito Pest Control in Sydney

Keep mosquitoes off your family and your home with Trusted’s unique pest control.
mosquito pest control in SydneySpring season is yet another time to watch for spring pest insects that may attack our homes. One of those that people must be watchful of are mosquitoes that are on the high alert in search of a bloody meal.

Mosquitoes are always regarded as a great concern due to serious health problems they caused upon their victims – human or animal. Mosquitoes carry terrible diseases and could inject them in the form of sucking …

Pest Control: Protection for your Home from Cockroaches

Protect your home and your family from cockroaches with a comprehensive pest control completed at your property.
cockroachDespite what season there is, cockroaches are active all year round. They are highly resilient and continue to thrive as they often attack and inhabit houses that provide them shelter and food sources. With the beginning of the spring season, the rising temperatures are ideal for such pests to breed rapidly, and infest properties.

Cockroaches are a major residential problem in Australia, and even is an excellent risk to commercial and food industries. These pests …

Pest Control: Stop Aphid Pest Infestation

Get rid of aphids the most effective way with 100% green pest control methods
Aphids are sap-sucking insects that attack garden plants. Though not usually harmful, heavy infestations will cause leaves to wilt, curl, and turn yellow, eventually resulting to poor plant growth and declining vigor.

Aphids are common indoor and outdoor insects that often feed in a cluster. They have small body size (1/8 inch-long), with different colors (according to species) ranging from yellow, green, brown, red, and white. Some aphids also exhibit a furry or woolly appearance. Adults often have …

Beware of Bed Bugs This Spring

Beat bedbugs and keep them out of your property all year round with a trusted pest control service
Bedbugs are distressing parasites. Beyond itchy and painful bites, they also feast solely on human blood and are so hard to deter. They have small, flat bodies that enable them to hide easily in the seams of mattresses, beddings, carpets, furniture, and baseboards during the day when they are not active.

Bedbugs are transported often from place to place, especially in the multi-room property. They hitch a ride through luggage or purses, allowing them …

Keep pests out of our kitchen and pantry – Brisbane QLD and Sydney NSW, Australia

Avoid pantry and kitchen pests and lessen the risks they cause
Restaurant Pantry Cooking Chef Kitchen Pest ControlOur pantries and kitchen are a major target of pests. The availability of food and water, light and warmth, and shelter is ideal for a pest to thrive, and even populate. But it is also the place where we store our food and where our whole family sits and dines in together – it is of major importance to keep our pantries and kitchen pest-free and clean all the time.

Pests are notorious for exposing …

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