Bedbugs are exploding in numbers in Australia! Do the proper pest control now to secure your home from these nasty critters.

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Pest Prevention: Avoid A Bedbug Attack

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Waking up from a good night’s sleep after realizing that unpleasant bite from a notorious “nightcrawler”, or more so a bed bug?

Bedbug population has exploded around the world, appearing to be a global spike in infestations. In Australia, there already is a whopping increase in the bedbug population up to 5000 percent since 2000.

With the increased number of travels nowadays, you likely might have accidentally gotten a bedbug from your hotel room, hitch a ride into your luggage and then transfer into your room’s sheets and furniture. Other instances could have been buying used and infested furniture. Your pets could have also brought them in too after a nice walk at the park or the woods nearby.

How to Identify Bedbugs?

As their name suggests, bedbugs are more likely to reside in your bed, crawling actively at night in search of a blood meal. Sometimes, one could only realize the presence of infestation after getting bitten. A bedbug bite leaves an itchy, sometimes throbbing sensation on the skin.

Several health concerns have arisen due to bedbug bites. Other people have suffered from several allergic reactions and fever after getting bitten by bedbugs.

When looking for bedbugs, keep an eye between seams of your mattress, or under your bedsheets. They are small brown insects that have an oval-shaped body.

They gather in groups to make their home. They also produce brownish stains on the fabric that are caused by the anticoagulant in their saliva that helps them feed on blood. They also produce excrement that can be seen as small dots on the sheet.

Their eggs are not difficult to find. They are tiny and have pale yellow skins clumping together.

They don’t only dwell in your bedding, once you’ve unfortunately got a heavy infestation, they can also extend to your cushions and curtain folds, appliances, loose wallpaper, and in the seams between your wall and ceiling.

Do You Think You Have Bedbugs at Home?

Bedbugs are one of those pests that can be hard to remove on your own. So, the better course to follow is to get a pest control professional do a whole-house pest treatment.

Our pest operators at TPM will perform heat treatment to remove and eliminate bedbugs in your property. Bedbugs will die when exposed to heat over 45°C.

For full-blown pest removal, we will also need you to follow physical pest control procedures on your own including:

  • Keep your bed clean and organized
  • Regularly vacuum the areas where you see the bedbugs
  • Wash all sheets with water and dry them with highest dryer setting
  • Monitor cracks and loose wallpaper where they may hide

If you suspect an infestation at home, TPM will pest inspection Brisbane around your property to check for signs of pest infestation, followed by targeted pest treatment if necessary. We have prompt service and can customise our procedures depending on your specific needs. All our pest control programs are guided by Integrated Pest Control practices, thus rest assured we deliver safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly service.

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