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Helping Hand Initiative

What can a family based pest control company do to benefit their local community? Simply put, get involved. So, how do we get involved?

There are numerous community organizations and members of our community that need a HELPING HAND, from volunteer work to fundraising efforts. The team at Trusted Pest Management will bring some added enthusiasm and exuberance needed by those organizations to assist with their efforts and help achieve their goals.

The team at Trusted Pest Management are serious about giving back to our community.  We understand the importance of making a positive difference to someone’s life and our local community.

What is the Helping Hand Initiative

Each Month, our Team at Trusted Pest Management will reach out to people and/or organisations within our community that just need a little Helping Hand. This could consist of fundraising, supporting a local charity, mowing the lawn of someone who is unable, or offering free pest control services to people in need.  Almost anything to give someone a Helping Hand.

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