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Ant Control in Springtime

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Ant problem is commonly on the rise in springtime. Ants become more active looking for a new area to re-establish their colony and rich food sources. The warm temperature in spring and the food and water available in your home allows them to thrive, even during the worst of the sun when summer comes.

As the temperature goes up, ants will forage a bit more and farther in search of food and extend their colonies to areas or buildings that can give access to resources that they need.

Unfortunately, our beloved homes and facilities are a common attraction to these insects. Ants are hardworking scavengers, crawling their way through the smallest cracks and crevices from the outside and into your property.

Ants you see in springtime are busy looking for food to bring back to their nest to sustain their young and feed themselves. If they happen to always find food in your home, the rest of the colony will begin to show up and the number will continue to grow if proper pest control is not put in place.

They are always on the lookout for a food source. With their strong sense of smell even from a distance away, little food crumbs or spill on the floor could get their signal in no time and it’s a tempting invitation they could not ignore. They are highly attracted to sugary, sweet, and wet food such as sauces, butter, and even overripe fruits.

Once they discovered a food source in your area, they will start to bring the food back to their colony. They release a kind of “pheromone” in a form of scent that allows other ants to be aware of the food presentation and hence, follows back and forth, continuing the growth of infestation.

If an ant infestation is fully established inside your property, chances are it can be hard to handle it on your own and you may need to contact a pest control service.

How do Ants Get in?

With the little of their size, ants can easily get in through the tiniest cracks and holes. Also, a tree branch or shrub that is touching your building can give them an easy pathway.

Ants can also be carried inside in bundles of firewood. They can also find their way in through cable wires.

If ants can find the resources they need inside your property, they can easily abandon their loving nest in the ground and re-establish a new one in walls, behind cabinets, stored clothing and bedsheets, refrigerator insulation, and in any undisturbed dark areas.

How to Track Ant Colonies

Keep an eye on possible issue areas. The good thing is that ants are not ‘shy’ insects and they tend to stay out openly. Other than that, ants travel in large numbers, so it’s easy to notice their trail.

It gives you an advantage on tracking them down easily but closely take a look around as they may sometimes camouflage with the surrounding with their color.

One quick clue: Look for moist areas as ants love moisture. They love to build their nest in or anywhere near moist areas like under the sink.

Get Rid of Ants in Your Property

Ants are almost everywhere, foraging for food to be brought back to their nests. They may not be vectors of diseases, but they can cause structural damage when they build their nests inside your walls or in your furniture. Also, they can disrupt plant growth and ruin vegetation.

Below are tips that can help you prevent ants from entering your home:

  • Close off cracks and holes in your basement
  • Declutter
  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Seal around electrical outlets, pipes, and HVAC units
  • Keep crawl space areas clean
  • Clean pet bowls after your pet finishes

Getting in touch with your local Trusted Pest Management professional is the best option you have to eliminate ants effectively and safely, and other bugging pests from your property. We will perform rigorous pest inspection around the perimeter and the foundation of your building, and then conduct a targeted pest treatment once the area of infestation is identified.

We will also place preventive barriers around certain areas to help prevent future ant invasion. Our professional pest management services are available across Sydney, Brisbane, and all neighboring areas in Queensland. Contact us today!


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