Winter is ending, spring is drawing closer, which means an increased pest activity, learn some of the best pest control tips.

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How To Prepare For Spring Pests In Winter Season

How To Prepare For Spring Pests In Winter SeasonIt’s the last month of the winter season, what does that mean? Spring is on the way – as well as the arrival of spring pests. Wildlife and insects are finally waking up from being dormant, and are on their desperate move to search for food that also comes abundant in spring.

While you still have time to prepare for the dreaded spring pest invasion this late winter.

Take knowledge of some of the practical pest control tips to avoid pesky pests that could wreak havoc on your property:

Rodents and possums

  • Seal any entry points like cracks and holes, crevices, and damaged pipes or tunnels
  • Get rid of food attractions like food crumbs and spills on the floor, uncleaned dishes, poorly wrapped food items, and pet food leftovers
  • Do a regular de-cluttering around the house
  • Install screens in your windows, doors, vents, and chimneys
  • Seal your food items in a closed jar or containers



  • Eliminate moisture areas like leaking pipes, wet floors, and dripping faucet
  • Keep the sink and dishes clean
  • Get rid of any food attraction including juice spills or food crumbs
  • Always leave pet bowl clean
  • Keep rooms well-lit as roaches love to stay in dark places


  • Get rid of possible attractions like outdoor light to avoid moths hovering outside your door.


  • Have mosquito-repelling plants
  • Get rid of water pools in open jars or bottles that can be a breeding site for mosquitoes


  • Dispose of garbage properly and keep trash cans closed to avoid attraction
  • Always clean food crumbs and spills on the floor and over the countertops
  • Flies are attracted to poorly maintained areas, always keep proper sanitation at your home


  • By keeping the rest of the insects away from your home, you are as well keeping these predatory spiders away.


  • Avoid giving free access to food as it will attract more birds
  • Be mindful of the activity. Once a flock is frequent at your property and growing in number, call a pest professional immediately.


  • Termite invasion, sometimes, is only discovered once the damage has become evident. One thing that could be and should do is to have your property inspected by a pest professional as soon as possible to prevent costly damages in the future.

Get a professional pest control service.

Above all those practical tips, it’s best to call a professional pest operator to protect your home from pests. Our pest management at TPM are well-trained at inspecting pests and providing you the right procedures from pest treatment to pest relocation.

We are extremely thorough in our work, rigorously following Integrated Pest Control (IPC) practices to provide your sure safe and effective pest control service.

If you have any questions regarding your first or next pest control appointment, we are always on the line to give answers. Call us on 1800 801 223 today!


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