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Keep pests out of your property

Negligence of proper pest prevention can put you, your entire family, and your business at risk of both health and financial matters. Adequate and appropriate pest control measures must be carried out. With a property to own and business to run, comes the need to have a proper pest prevention.

Pests are always a serious trouble. The infestation of pests are all major cause of food contamination, damage to properties, health issues, and business loss that have pushed financial costs and legal actions among affected persons and properties.

No matter their size, pests can highly be destructive. Their irresistible fondness of warmth and attraction to food access make homes and businesses their primary target. Most prominent ones are roaches, rodents, bedbugs, mosquitoes, and flies. All are notable for carrying germs, bacteria, and viruses that can be ultimately fatal to human and pet health.


Why pests thrive?

Pests are always attracted to homes and food facilities due to food access and in search of an ideal place that is warm, bright or dark, and safe. They can always get their way even in small leaks or cracks, in tunnels, or even in exposed garbage cans. Some are even brought in by family members or guests. Some invasions are also due to natural causes that drive pests to sneak in which include floods, the coldness in winter, or the scorching heat in summer.

Pest population flourishes when there’s zero action taken to stop them. Major factors why they increase or come back can be due to unfixed entry points, poor sanitary maintenance, uncleaned nesting areas, and paying no attention to pest prevention measures. Pests can ultimately thrive and multiply in a rapid state when not controlled or treated as soon as possible.


How to pest-proof your property

To avoid future trouble brought by pests, prevention is always better than treatment. There are a lot of factors that can draw pests into your area, but taking essential actions at home and on your property can help you get rid of them:

  1. Keep stuff clean and organized
  2. Keep food in a closed and clean storage or plastic containers
  3. Dispose garbage properly and always leave trash bins closed
  4. Fix entry points e.g cracks, unsealed tunnels, leaky pipes, and broken chimneys
  5. Always keep pet bowls clean and don’t leave them outside the house
  6. Don’t leave food leftovers exposed both inside and outside the house
  7. Wipe up spilled food and drinks
  8. Vacuum at least once a week

In an event of worst and uncontrolled pest infestation, it is best to seek help from pure pest experts. They are the ones trained and skilled enough to come up with effective yet safe pest control solutions to treat and eliminate pests in your property and business.

Appropriate pest control management should always be in line with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, ensuring all operations carried out don’t exceed economic and ecological injury level. With that said, pest operators always start off with proper pest inspection to be able to identify necessary and suitable pest treatment that should be imposed.

Additionally, it’s always best to always do constant preventive maintenance so pests of any kind won’t come back, or at least lessen the chances of future infestation.


Keep right pest prevention

Negligence of proper pest prevention can put you, your entire family, and your business at risk of both health and financial matters. Adequate and appropriate pest control measures must be implemented by you, or better yet by pest experts to stop further infestation with skilfully laid out strategies and the right tools.

At Trusted, we guarantee to only use “green” methods in all our operations, ensuring we help you in the safest, fastest, and most effective way. Call us for a free pest inspection in Brisbane today!

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