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Cold weather signifies the risk of other common household pests

Keep common household pests out during the cold season. The lack of flying pests in winter doesn’t mean you’re safe from other household pests, there are more the cold weather brings with it. Always keep home pest-free.

Winter is here, and not only has the cold air come with it but also the invasion of household pests.

Ironically, one of the obvious outdoor changes as winter comes is the disappearance of flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and bees. But this also means one thing. As the cold air starts to creep in, more and more pests will try to seek refuge in houses and enclosed properties – anywhere where there is enough moisture, warmth, and food. And your home is no exception.


Are there much to worry about pests in winter?

Of course, there are! The lack of flying pests in winter doesn’t mean you are relieved from pests, entirely. The invasion of other common household pests such as roaches, rodents, and spiders also worsens. As it’s getting cold outside, these pests would find cosy places to stay in, too. These types of pests are of great concern, as they do not only damage your property, they can bring health problems and interfere with your daily activities as well.

Winter pests affect us in different ways. Roaches are notorious for health contamination and for carrying deadly viruses. Rodents such as mice and rats are some of the primary causes of electrical damage to properties, and spiders have the most viscous bites. If these pests are not controlled or kept outside at least, one could expect future damages they can do in no time.


Rodents in winter

As the temperature falls severely during winter, rodent attacks become more hostile as they try to look for places away from cold. Under these circumstances, warm houses become their number one target. Rodents can easily get access to properties through unsealed cracks or gaps, or windows, or even through tunnels. They can hide in clutter so better keep storage areas clean and well-organised.

Mice and rats tend to viciously chew on wiring and other valuable stuff in the house. They are also known to carry diseases such as Hantavirus and Salmonella. This is why rodent control should be one of your main priorities.


If there is no way to deter these pests, we can help

As rodents and other crawling insects become rampant in winter, Trusted Pest Management performs child, pet, and Eco-friendly rodent control and rodent treatment to eliminate and keep rodents and other pests out of your properties, most especially during the cold season.


Winter Pest-proofing Your Property

If you suspect any sign of pest infestation, call a pest professional to be guided on how to properly pest-proof your home. Fortunately, Trusted comes with the best array of pest prevention programs designed to eliminate bugging pests that cause hazards to properties. Our pest operators are highly-skilled to perform effective yet safe pest control solutions that fit whatever situation there is in your area – in any season of the year!

There is enough worry the winter brings along with it, more than just the wind, frost, and snow. More threats are coming as pests take shelter in your homes. But with the right pest preventive maintenance and the right pest professional to help you with, you are assured to keep warmth in and nasty pests out of your property throughout the winter season. And also, keeping a pest-free place means a healthier and happier home where you could celebrate holidays and spend time with families and friends.

Winter is just a couple of months away; have your property checked now. Call us for a pest inspection in Brisbane.

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