Spring Outdoor Pests To Control

Now is our time to keep your eyes on outdoor pests that are active this spring.

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Spring Outdoor Pests To Control

Now is our time to keep your eyes on outdoor pests that are active this spring.

Spring Outdoor Pests To ControlThe increasing temperatures are ideal for blooming flowers, and pests love it, too. This condition is when outdoors become annoying – and dangerous. Pests can wreak havoc on your household and even on your outdoor hobbies.

Outdoor enthusiasts and garden hobbyists must watch for pests that are on the move this spring, as they are at higher risk of pest encounters outside.

What are the common spring outdoor pests and how do we get them?

Ticks – Ticks are a great concern for people who just love to be outdoors. People often get them in bushy or wooded areas where can easily hitch a ride on anyone who brushed past them. They are parasites that suck blood from unfortunate hosts and can cause deadly illness and allergic reactions such as paralysis, nausea, and muscle pains. Some ticks of a dangerous species can also cause death by injecting neurotoxins and fatal viruses even in one single bite.

To get rid of ticks, or simply to avoid getting a tick bite, avoid grassy areas when outside. Wear long pants and coats. Also, when at home, always check your body for any ticks that might be present. They can be found usually in the armpits, on your scalp, groin, and behind your ears. Pets can also get them too quickly. Inspect your pet’s paws, behind or inside the ears, and the belly.

When bitten, pull the tick out gently with a tweezer close to its mouth (don’t twist), until it let go of your skin. Don’t grab it around its body as it will cause the tick to inject infected fluids into your body.

Flies – Flies are very annoying, especially when they start hovering around our food. They are highly active during the daytime, unlike mosquitoes which prefer darker situations. Fly encounters outdoors are common, but not much of great concern. However, some flies can bite, like the horse fly which leaves painful welts behind. Horseflies are considerably bigger than a common housefly, and females are aggressive blood feeders, usually targeting repeated spots on arms and legs.

Flies are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans and animals exhaled while breathing. It’s better to wear hats, long coats and pants to avoid getting bitten. Essentials oils are also useful in preventing flies from swarming near you.

Bees and Wasps – Although bees and wasps are vital for plant reproduction, their stings are undoubtedly excruciating. Also, some wasp species can be potentially deadly by infecting us with viruses and toxic fluids.

Bees and wasps are attracted to sweet scent; as what flowers do to draw them for reproduction. Avoid wearing perfumes and bright, floral patterned clothes while outdoors as these attract bees and wasps to feast or swarm near you.

Spiders – Spiders commonly encountered outdoors. They often inhabit gardens and backyards and weave cobwebs to catch their prey. It is expected for the spider population to boom in spring as there can be a lot of food available due to the ideal weather. Though happens in rarest moments, spiders can bite, and some can be fatal.

It’s always advisable to stay away from cobwebs or spider dens. Spiders only bite when triggered or threatened, and the only way to avoid this is to keep our safe distance. Also, wear pants and coats (as always advised while outdoors) to protect yourself from sudden bites.

Never let pests stop you from your outdoor adventures. Along with safe preventive measures, get a comprehensive pest control completed at your property for total protection. Our pest management are always committed to give you pest protection and relief you deserve. Call us!


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