Common Spring Pests (And How To Prevent Them)

Watch out for pests on the move this spring

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Common Spring Pests (And How To Prevent Them)

Watch out for pests on the move this spring

Common Spring Pests And How To Prevent ThemAnyone can expect a lot of insects that come our way upon the beginning of spring. The ideal warm weather and increasing food availability have attracted most of the pests to infest and eventually, may take a visit inside our properties.

Common Spring Pests

Mosquito – Mosquitoes have brought nuisance among residents. Females of most species are always actively seeking for a bloody meal, aiming at both humans and animals. Necessary for breeding, they consume blood using tube-like mouthparts pierced through the skin. Mosquito bites can be painful, and most of the time itchy. Not only that, mosquito bites have caused severe illnesses among victims, and even death (as they carry lethal viruses) – which makes them a serious concern among humans.

Tick – We find ticks mostly outside, in grassy areas or the woods. However, ticks can easily be transported to our properties when we brushed past them. They will attach themselves to unsuspecting hosts and enjoy their bloody meal. Our pets can get them, too. Thus, we must be watchful of these tiny arachnids that are capable of causing paralysis, severe allergic reactions, and even death even from one single bite.

Spider – Spiders are normally encountered outside especially in bushes or wooded areas, but they can also enter homes when food is available. Though killing them is not necessary, as they can also help us stop other insect infestation. However, their bite can also be potentially dangerous, especially to children and pets.

Flies – Most of flying insects that are dormant during winter will be active once again as spring draws closer. Flies are among them. These pesky insects always find their way in every time a door opens. One thing to prevent these pests from entering your property is to keep your windows and doors closed, always.

Others – There are also a lot of other pests that are continuously active all throughout the year such as rodents, ants, termites, and roaches.


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