Prevent Ticks This Spring

Reduce the burden the ticks bring to your family and pets with a comprehensive tick pest control

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Prevent Ticks This Spring

Reduce the burden the ticks bring to your family and pets with a comprehensive tick pest control

Prevent Ticks This SpringTicks have become a serious community problem in New South Wales, particularly in Sydney. These teeny tiny blood-sucking pests have always caused trouble among family members and their pets, and brought serious health problems. Paralysis ticks, one of the most dangerous tick species, are widespread in Sydney, with reported worst tick infestations taking place in the Northern Beaches, North Suburb areas, and Sydney’s Hills Districts.

What are Ticks and How Can They Harm You?

Ticks are parasites. They bite and suck blood from any host they get in contact with. They carry debilitating diseases such as Lyme, and other potentially deadly illness like the tick-borne typhus and Powassan Virus (which infects more rapidly than Lyme). Deer ticks, in particular, are notable carriers of Lyme disease and could infect and bring an unfortunate victim to life-threatening situations.

People or animals often get them outdoors, especially in wooded and grassy areas. They attach to their host and can move quickly across the body, looking for spots that are warm and moist. We usually find them in armpits, groin, or scalp, or behind ears and under your pet’s paws.

Once a tick finds an ideal spot, it will bite and burrow its head to stick firmly to your skin and suck blood. Once its full, it will detach itself and find a suitable spot to molt, or find another host.

Some Tick Facts:

  • One in eight tick bites is potentially at risk of severe infections
  • Ticks can cause paralysis by injecting neurotoxins.
  • One paralysis tick can kill a cat or a dog
  • Ticks are not insects, but are classified as arachnids (relatives of spiders and scorpions)
  • Tick bites are painless which makes it hard to spot them

Sydney has great numbers of paralysis tick species present all throughout the area, with the most common, the Ixodes Holocyclyus species, which is often encountered by humans and their pets almost everywhere. These paralysis ticks are usually found in 20 km wide band following Australia’s eastern coastline.

Following their great number, ticks have caused many dog and cat deaths a year in Australia.

How To Prevent Tick Bites

Wear long pants and coats when going outside. If possible, stay away from bushy or wooded areas. Ticks could easily attach when one person or an animal brushed past them. When inside, check behind your ears or armpits, your scalp or groin, and get them quickly with a tweezer. Also inspect your pets like your dogs or cats, especially under the paws, behind or inside your pet’s ears.

If you suspect any symptom due to tick bites, consult a doctor. Tick bites are also reported to cause severe allergic reactions to humans.

Tick Pest Control

Trusted Pest Management provides a wide range of tick control treatments that are guaranteed nature, child, and pet-friendly. We perform tick spraying outdoors and rigorous tick pest inspection for possible areas of active infestation, and come up with the safest and most suitable tick pest treatment Brisbane.

Ticks are notorious vectors of diseases. So, when it comes to protecting your family and pets from these pests, get a comprehensive pest treatment completed at your property. If you have a current tick issue, please don’t hesitate to ring us as we are always ready with professionals to help you.


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