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Rodent Control in Winter

Rodent Control in WinterIt’s a common misconception for most people that when winter season comes in, the pests of the warmer months have left. Though there might be a massive change in pest activity upon the beginning of the cold months, pests, still a lot of them, don’t go dormant in winter. One of them is rodents, that is why you must remain extra watchful of these home-damaging pests.

Rodents are wild and pesky. They will find all their way to get into one’s property.

Now that the cold weather is rolling in, rodents will desperately climb and sneak into houses for warmth, shelter, and food.


How does the rodent invasion start?

Mice and rats are stealthy animals. They only need a tiny opening or a small crack to get access into your home. A little mouse can squeeze its way even through a small hole the size of a dime.

They will prefer staying in the attic, cabinets, and cluttered areas, where they can live and run around while remaining unseen.

Once they finally get entry into your property, rodents can rapidly multiply, causing eminent damage in the future. Rodents gnaw on furniture, and even on clothes, chew on electrical wirings, and damage insulation.

Not only they do much damage on your stuff, but they can also cause a high risk to you and your family’s health.

Mice and rats can easily pass on contamination through their feces and urine, especially when it gets in accidental contact with food and water supply. They are carriers of potential diseases and bacteria that they might have obtained from dump sites, garbage, and anywhere unsanitary areas they had been.

Essential tips that can help you:

  • Sanitation – What mostly attracts rodents are clutter and poor hygiene. The best prevention from rodent invasion first starts with you. Conduct a regular decluttering around the house. Get rid of garbage lying open that is very much attractive to pests. Keep boxes off the floor.
  • Exclusion – Seal any possible entry points. Repair screens in doors and windows: seal cracks and holes. Fix leakage, install door sweeps, screen vents, and chimneys. Keep all areas well ventilated and dry.
  • Pest Control Service – When it comes to pest, there is no such thing as sitting there, hoping pests would go away on their own. If you suspect an active pest infestation, call a pest professional immediately for a thorough and accurate pest inspection.

Only pest professionals know how to locate the exact entry points and those areas vulnerable to pest infestation. Moreover, if it does require pest treatment Brisbane, only those pest operators are authorized to use certain products and tools to ensure safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

We at Trusted Pest Management understand the frustration of home and business owners when it comes to bugging pests that can wreak havoc on your property. Now that winter is here, and we get our eyes extra focused on how to keep pest off your way.

Our professional pest control services are targeted in Brisbane, Sydney, and entire Queensland, working our pest solution on both property’s interior and exterior.

Our home and garden pest control services are tailored to suit your needs, whatever pest situation you might be. Call us today and be assisted.


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