Fleas - Making a Spring Nuisance for Humans and Pets

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Fleas – Making a Spring Nuisance for Humans and Pets

Fleas can become a nightmare when temperatures start to climb high. This situation can leave humans bothered as well as our pets that are easy targets of these parasites.

Flea outbreaks are always a particularly significant problem in Australia. By the upcoming summer season which will start by the end of November, the increasing temperatures signify yet another pest infestation and abundance of fleas as the warm weather helps them mature faster.


Fleas Life Cycle as per weather condition

flea life cycleFlea eggs, larvae, and pupae always love warmth – so the warmth that comes during spring is appreciated by fleas. Under average conditions, such as in winter or fall, the development from egg to adult would normally take about two months, but during spring and under summer ‘heatwave’, flea eggs can mature faster in as early as three weeks!

Humidity also does matter. Low humidity can kill fleas, which is why attacks are more abundant during spring, and become worse in summer.

High humidity all year round is what the fleas need, and it allows them to breed more quickly, making infestations more obvious.


How bad fleas are to you and your pets

Fleas can make you and your pet unhappy. They are tiny parasites that suck blood, and they are itchy. Fleas do prefer light-colored animals, but it doesn’t make your black pup safe from the attack. When you live in a place under high humid, fleas can be a major problem.

You will find a lot of dog and cat fleas in Sydney, but they are absent from areas outside the coastal strip in Australia.

Veterinarians at Sydney Animal Hospital noticed a considerable increase in the number of animals affected with flea-related diseases, especially during the end of spring and in summer.

It is common for animals to feel itchy and uncomfortable from flea bites, but it can also get worse. Aggravated bites can lead your pets to over groom to the point where they develop irritation, allergies, and mouth sores, trying to get rid of fleas. Worse bites will then have to be treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.

Fleas brought misfortune not only to your pets but to you as well. Once you’ve got an itchy pet that sleeps on your bed, it can and will keep you up all night.

Fleas don’t come from outside, but honestly, they often come from inside the house. The flea on your animal can only mean that immature flea stages have started developing inside your property. The eggs and larvae can be difficult to get rid of as they prefer darker places, usually under the edges of furniture.


How to get rid of fleas

Because of the long life cycle of fleas, getting rid of their infestation usually takes at least three months, which is why regular flea preventative measures must be carried out even during winter. Some of the things that can you do at home in addition to preventative measures are: vacuuming frequently; regularly trimming your pets’ fur short; giving your pets a soothing bath.

Furthermore, some flea pest treatment can be harmful to you and your pet when you use them wrong or due to over-dosage. However, you can entrust this to pest professionals.

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