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Pest Prevention in Winter Season

Pest Prevention in Winter SeasonWhen the winter comes, most wildlife and insects hibernate to survive the cold and hinder themselves from starving during the cold months. It might be a relief for most people, but as much as you’ve never thought, winter doesn’t mean pest activity goes into pause. Other pests are in their desperate need to enter homes for warmth, shelter, and food.

It’s crucial that you keep proper pest control on top of your checklist to keep pests at bay and off your beloved property.

Before indulging in your hot chocolate in front of the fire, there are a few essential things that you have to keep in mind:

Know what winter pests to watch out for

It helps lessen future pest problem when you know what pests to expect. It enables you to keep the appropriate preventative measures to keep pest out. For a little information, some of the most common winter pests are rodents, birds, spiders, ants, and overwintering pests such as ladybugs, roaches, ticks, and fleas.

Secure your property structure and maintenance-wise

Take a look at your property. Examine structural parts that might be a starting point of invasion. Check out if there are leaking pipes or tunnels, damaged drainage and roofs, cracks, and small holes, as these can give pests a free ticket to your home.

Additionally, it’s essential to install screens on your door, windows, and exhaust pipes that can help restrain pests from entering. A professional pest control operator can help you install these tools for extra security and effectiveness. Pest operators can also help you repair damaged parts or fix pest entry points for you.

Contact a pest professional.

If you suspect an active pest infestation in your area, do not hesitate to call a pest expert to perform a thorough pest inspection Brisbane at your property. Do not try to deal with the problem on your own. Some infestation might require such a risky operation, thus entrust this to professionals for your health and safety.

Also, only pest professionals are authorized to use certain pest treatment products and tools. Applying treatments on your own can potentially cause a high risk to your health, and even to the operation. Pest operators are highly trained to properly and effectively use these products.

Pest Control Service In your Area

Winter is not the time to stop on your pest control service. It’s particular for our pest operators to find extreme infestations even in colder months. However, we conduct a thorough inspection and the appropriate pest treatment to keep pests off your property all year round, without harming your health and wildlife.

We’ve got pest equipment put in place for your full pest protection.

We provide professional home and garden pest control services across Brisbane, Sydney, and all suburbs in Queensland. Trusted Pest Management pest operators are all about being eco-friendly but also meticulous to pests. Following Integrated Pest Control practices, we ensure all our operations are safe, non-invasive, and friendly to the environment. Call us today!


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