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How to keep pests out of our kitchen and pantry

Avoid pantry and kitchen pests and lessen the risks they cause

Restaurant Pantry Cooking Chef Kitchen Pest ControlOur pantries and kitchen are a major target of pests. The availability of food and water, light and warmth, and shelter is ideal for a pest to thrive, and even populate. But it is also the place where we store our food and where our whole family sits and dines in together – it is of major importance to keep our pantries and kitchen pest-free and clean all the time.

Pests are notorious for exposing us to deadly diseases and damaging our belongings. To mention a few, pests such as rats, mice, and cockroaches are always unexpected visitors we often encountered in the kitchen, stealing a few of our food and creeping over our utensils. These pests carry terrible viruses, bacteria, and germs in their bodies and can be passed onto the food we eat even after slight contact.

Proper pest prevention is always key to keeping pest infestation far step away from ruining your home and harming your family, which all can be done as the following:

  • Keep a clean & organised pantry and kitchen – Always keep the house clean, especially in these areas. The unsanitary environment attracts pests such as cockroaches and even other bugs to sneak in for an ideal shelter. Keep sections spacey and avoid having clusters as these are where rats and mice often hide and nest for their young.
  • Don’t leave leftovers in the open or uncleaned – Don’t keep food, especially unwrapped, or some left-overs (which include crumbs, spilled sauces, and the like) on the floor or table uncleaned. The smell can attract pests in an instant. They can quickly gather in numbers, such as ants and roaches, as long as there is food easily available.
  • Wash dishes and other kitchen utensils right after use – A sight of cockroach walking over our plates in the sink can always be expected if you leave your plates for hours unwashed. The residue sticking on our plates are always tempting to these pests, and they can always buy time finishing them off. In these instances, pests can pass on the bacteria from their bodies on to the utensils, and these nasty things can remain on there if washed improperly.
  • Store your food in properly sealed containers – Especially unwrapped ones, always make sure to put your food inside a sealable container as to prevent pests from getting in contact with it. It’s best to use cans or glass jars, as pests like rats or mice can easily chew on plastic and wood.
  • Get rid of access points – Following this method, it is crucial to be aware of possible entry points inside and outside your home.  Look for cracks, damaged tunnels or pipes, and keep doors and windows closed at all times.
  • Repair damage – As you get rid of pest access in your home, it should be followed by quick repairs on damaged parts of the house. This also includes installing pest-restraining tools like screens in possible entries like chimneys, windows, and door.
  • Pest control – Have a professional pest expert check for signs of pest infestation, as well as carry out a pest treatment in an event of an active infestation. Lessen the danger that pests can bring to your home, your family, and your pets. Start it by being cautious enough of your surrounding and keeping a clean and organised home. Some pests, however, can also be relentless, but Trusted Pest Management is here to keep you from harm and the hassle pests can cause.

We perform all our services following Integrated Pest Control (IPC) and Environmental Pest Management (EPM) practices. That mentioned, all our pest control solutions are sure safe for your health, your family, pets, and the environment.

We have helped clients with the same pest issues across Brisbane and Sydney, and we can also help you! Pests do not only strike in one season but are persistent to invade anytime – and so we are, readily available 365 days a year to keep you and your home pest-free all year long! Call us today for a free inspection.


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