Pest Control: Protection for your Home from Cockroaches

Protect your home and your family from cockroaches with a comprehensive pest control completed at your property.

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Pest Control: Protection for your Home from Cockroaches

Protect your home and your family from cockroaches with a comprehensive pest control completed at your property.

cockroachDespite what season there is, cockroaches are active all year round. They are highly resilient and continue to thrive as they often attack and inhabit houses that provide them shelter and food sources. With the beginning of the spring season, the rising temperatures are ideal for such pests to breed rapidly, and infest properties.

Cockroaches are a major residential problem in Australia, and even is an excellent risk to commercial and food industries. These pests are notorious disease vectors; there are deadly viruses and disease around their bodies that are passed on during contact or even through their bites. Typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, and salmonellosis are among those illnesses caused by cockroaches. Their droppings can also trigger asthma and eczema.

These critters fed on uncovered food, leftovers, and even cat or dog food which can cause a higher risk of food contamination. Aside from health problems, they also produce obnoxious odor which spoils food and any object they get in contact.  In rare cases, cockroaches also chew on clothes.


Life Cycle

Cockroaches can breed quickly, each producing 10 to 40 eggs at a time, which he or she carries in a specialized case called ootheca. Each case can contain 15 embryos. Cockroaches live for approximately one year. They can grow after each molt, allowing them to appear more adult and develop wings.

These common pests frequently reside in poor sanitation and lighting. We often encounter them in the sink, where food and water are mostly available. These critters are cold-blooded, meaning they could survive for a month without food, but only survive for one week without water.


Signs of infestation

There can be visible signs of cockroach infestation; these are eggs cases or droppings on the floor (mostly found in darkened areas).


Get rid of bugging cockroaches

A quick response at first sight of cockroach infestation is vital to control cockroaches in your property and prevent costly damages in the future. Our experienced and professionally trained pest operators enable us to carry out our pest solution procedures effectively, following Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

Trusted Pest Management provides families and businesses with pest protection this spring with our family, child, pet, and nature-friendly pest control solutions. We offer a call-out service to treat cockroaches present in your household or property. We guarantee fast service and response to any of your pest concerns. Call us for a free pest inspections Brisbane today or to discuss our range of effective pest solutions that suit your needs.


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