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Importance of Pest Control in Winter

importance for pest control in winterSurely you are rugged up with a lovely hot beverage and taking five. Winter is perfect for that. However, it is also time to focus more on your pest control measures against pests seeking refuge in your home to get away from the cold.


Why is pest control important in winter?

Most people have this misconception about winter pests, and that pest control should be the least concern, as most animals and insects go dormant. That is a big mistake people are stepping onto it. The absence of mosquitoes and flies buzzing around doesn’t mean your home is pest-free. The real threat has just started.

The dropping temperatures only means more pests are coming desperately to set foot on your doorstep.

As pests find shelter from the harsh temperatures outside, they will surely opt for a warm and closed area, which our homes are. They are attracted to the warmth inside, and it’s vital for their survival.

Winter in Australia gets cold, especially overnight in Sydney.  The coldness makes bugs and rodents invade residential homes so desperately, and a warm, safe house could never be more tempting.

Aside from warmth, the availability of food and water inside provides the right attraction for pests to sneak in, build their nest, and multiply.


How do pests get in?

Pests, especially bugs and rodents, can quickly get their way in through cracks, small holes, and crevices, and even though your windows and doors if left opened.

Other pests like bedbugs, ticks, and fleas are, otherwise, brought by a carrier they got from an infested site, such as your pets wandering at the park, or your luggage and purse from an infested hotel room.


How to Prevent an infestation?

Pest prevention always first start with preventive measures you do at home: Install screens in exterior openings and vents. Seal entry points like holes and cracks. Repair leaks and cracks. Eliminate moisture areas that attract roaches. Declutter. Dispose of garbage properly.

Moreover, of course, don’t forget to call a pest professional to assist you with anything that’s needed to be done in and out your property when it comes to both preventing as well as eliminating pests at your area.

Trusted Pest Management provides professional pest control services across Queensland, Australia, to both residential and commercial properties. We do both home and garden pest control programs to make sure your property is pest-free all over all year round.

Our services include pest inspection Brisbane, pest treatment Brisbane, consulting, regular check-ups, and preventive maintenance to any infestation there might be: bird and possum, rodents, bugs, termites, snakes, and even other types of pests and wildlife that pause risk and damage to your health and property.

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