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Ant Control in Winter

antsIt’s midwinter, and it’s freezing outside, and you feel quite relieved that insect activity seemed off around. However, then suddenly, you noticed these lines of ants making their way into your home and on your wall, just marching out of nowhere.

The truth is, ants never really get dormant even during the harshest weather. Instead, they venture into warm homes to survive the cold, nest and re-establish their colonies.

Ants are relentless, yet are predictable. Thus, this gives you quite the advantage on how to stop and prevent them from infesting your home.


What and why ants invade homes in winter?

The most common and spotted during winter is the pavement ant. Pavement ants tend to nest in cracks or small gaps in pavement. To keep themselves warm in a cold season, they clump together and become stationary.

However, if they manage to get access to a warm place to nest, they can stay active all year round.

Once given access to a warm house, they will nest in wall voids, around pipes, under concrete slabs, and baseboards.

Households are the most common targets of ant infestation as it provides them food, water, and shelter.

Once inside, it is easy for them to overrun in food products. They are attracted to greasy foods like meat, sauce, oil, cheese, syrup, and even pet food. When it comes to hydration, ants don’t need that much water to survive but just a little moisture, which could come from leaking pipes and plumbing, condensation, and even from the food they eat.

They don’t generally reproduce many young ants during winter, but if not controlled, this infestation could grow much worse (and more costly) when spring comes.


Are ants a real problem?

Ants aren’t a serious threat to most. They can’t hurt, and they don’t transmit disease. They might bite, or sting but health concerns are shallow to zero. Ants are classified as “nuisance pests,” meaning they can interfere severely in human activities, and might even cause property damage (rarely).

They can be more annoying when you see them at the bottom of your food or swarming around your food stock.


Essential Tips to keep them off your home

  • Look for and seal possible access points
  • Eliminate moisture areas. Ants still need water to survive, once water-deprived, they will have to go somewhere else.
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Always leave pet bowl clean
  • Keep surfaces clean, including countertops, table, floor, and others.
  • Get rid of food crumbs and clean spills on the floor
  • Get a pest control completed at your property


Ant Control in Winter

Insects’ behavior alters according to weather changes. As for ants this winter, reduced young reproduction, and altered eating patterns are some of the responses needed to consider to execute the appropriate and effective ant control.

Pest management at TPM fully understand all these behavioral changes, and our pest control services are all based on Integrated Pest Control (IPC) practices.

Our operations from start to finish are well-planned and performed with care.

We have available pest control services across Sydney and Brisbane. When you need assistance when it comes to home and garden pest control, don’t hesitate to call us right away.


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