Identify and Prevent Household Spring Pests

Protect your home and your family from household pests this spring with a trusted pest control

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Identify and Prevent Household Spring Pests

Protect your home and your family from household pests this spring with a trusted pest control

Identify and Prevent Household Spring PestsIt feels quite a relief for spring is here, but not for everyone. The beginning of the spring season is yet another period to watch for pests that are on the move this spring.

With the blossoming of flowers and the beginning of warm weather, comes the new attraction for a lot of pests that are looking for food source and ideal place to breed. People in Australia are starting to encounter such pests both indoors and outdoors, and they have caused massive problems among families and their properties.


Pests That Might Frequent Your Property This Spring

Lady Bugs – These black-and-red colored bugs always love sunlight, and the availability of it in spring makes them come out in great numbers. They can often be seen on your window, or along the walls especially during the afternoon. They don’t usually bite, but they can infest and damage your plants if not controlled.

Spiders – With the invasion of insects (which are potential meal for predatory insects), spiders, in particular, are most likely to increase in population. More often, you find cobwebs in the windows or ceiling and even in between gaps at your property. There are few kinds that you should be watchful of: the redback spiders and black widow (both are venomous), and daddy long legs which often inhabit areas in startlingly massive numbers.

Ants – Ants may start looking for ideal places to expand their colony or build a new one. They always prefer those near, accessible food sources – which makes houses ideal and vulnerable to ant infestation.

Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are one of the perilous spring pests that people must be watchful of. These insects are highly capable of transmitting deadly diseases and viruses such as dengue, malaria, and Zika virus. With the ideal weather, mosquito attacks can become frequent especially at night or after dusk.

Flies – Flies are always annoying. However, some flies of a specific kind like the horsefly can leave painful bite marks. Unlike common housefly, horse flies are more aggressive and are always looking for any bloody meal. Though, they often aim for repeated spots like the arms and legs, where they can have easy access.

Spring pests wouldn’t be much of a great problem if you got the right preparation and a trusted pest control service always ready on call.

TPM provides a wide range of pest control services that are performed according to best pest management practices. Our solutions range from rigorous pest inspections Brisbane for signs of active infestation to pest treatment carried out by professionals. If you got active pest infestation at your property, give us a call!

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