Termites – The truth about termites

Are you concerned about termites and other timber-devouring pests?

termiteStatistics show that at least 1 out of every 3 homes in Australia will experience termite problems. This means that if you live in a quiet street with 30 homes, at least 10 of them will get these unwelcome visitors at some stage.

We feel there is no better defence against termites than a customized home protection plan from Trusted Pest Management. After a comprehensive termite inspection of your home, the Trusted team will prescribe a customized combination of termite treatment methods designed to help protect what is probably your biggest investment. Trusted Pest Management bases treatment techniques on your home’s specific construction type because we understand that every home is unique and not all customers’ needs are the same.

At Trusted Pest Management our mission is to deliver the world’s best value in termite control. You’ll receive written specifications, customized diagrams and an inspection report after your consultation. Trusted Pest Management also backs its termite treatments. So much so, that if we complete a full termite barrier to the perimeter of your home, Trusted Pest Management will issue a 100% Termite Barrier Guarantee*. This unique Termite Guarantee ensures that you have absolute peace of mind making you feel Safe & Secure.