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TPM Pest Control: Enjoy the Summer Free from Pests

WaspEvery end and start of the year, Australia experiences a scorching hot summer, but it will not be just the warm weather residents would expect – there’s also something else.

Bugs, spiders, and insects will be out in huge numbers as they take advantage of the ideal weather conditions. The increased temperature means more food as more trees and plants are in bloom, and of course, people who are out on picnics and barbeque parties.

Besides, weather condition highly matters in insect reproduction. Insects are cold-blooded, meaning their body temperatures are highly dependent on the ambient temperature.  This explains why most insects are lethargic during winter, but becomes highly active during summer. The warmer it is, the faster that insects breed.

So what do all these signify?

Simply, a hot, dry summer is set to bring out a huge number of pest infestation, ranging from insects, spiders, to bugs, and even rodents.

There is a triggering reaction to any pest infestation that took place. One example is that if there is a huge number of flying insects, the tendency is that spiders will come in increasing numbers as well, as they prey on other insects.

Parts of Australia are reported to be already experiencing such high volumes of redback spider infestation.

Spiders rely on the insect population for their food. And these insects contribute to the growing spider population. These go hand in hand.

Another thing Australians hate during summer is the invasion of cockroaches

Cockroaches always love warm and humid temperature. Most of the time they are inside our homes, taking pleasure in the warm condition, the easy access to food and water, and the potential place for reproduction.
Now that summer is here, and these critters are going to their breeding season.
As we see the spiders as the most common problem during summer, cockroaches will soon be a worst case scenario also. These pests can be a real nightmare for Australian residents, and even to business owners.

Pest Control: A real necessity for everyone

With all these summer pest invasions we experience in Australia, we must be mindful enough of the proper preventive ways to keep household and property away from bugging pests. Don’t overlook pest control in your home, especially Australia has a fair share of bug and insect infestations. Have a pest control completed at your property, entrust it to pure pest experts.

Trusted Pest Management can help address all your pest problems. Our highly dedicated operators are always on the go to help you with whatever pest infestation is going on in your property.

We provide pest control services across Australia, covering Sydney and Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

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