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Summer Pests: Snake Plague in Australia and How to Manage it?

snakeFor Australians, summer means more than just hot sunny weather and barbeque parties.  It also signifies a big season for snakes in general.

Snake plague is a major concern in Australia. As it’s the country to most snake species, residents often encounter these unexpected coiling guests in the bathroom, in the ceiling, under the bed, and even right in front of their doorstep.

Virtually everywhere, a snake can be encountered in Australia – a nightmare for many people. Most residents have already considered them as pests as they have caused interference in human activity.

In sweltering weather conditions, experts warned that snakes are into suburban areas at an increasing rate. These are not just normal, harmless snakes, most of these snakes are venomous. Consequences can be fatal if untrained people encounter and attempt to remove these reptiles.

Summer can bring uncomfortably hot temperatures and can rise overnight, forcing reptiles to take refuge in homes where they can take advantage of available food and water source.


How are dangerous these snakes?

Snakes are hungry and ultimately unpredictable. They are highly active during mating season, which usually happens in September. Some snakes can be aggressive, and some may not, depending on the kind of encounter it has with humans or other animals.

In addition, snakes become more active in Christmas as they go in search of food, and in April, they slow down to prepare for the winter.

How to avoid snakes?

  • Remove pet bowls from access points at your area as these can attract thirsty snakes
  • Always keep your doors closed during the warm season
  • Trim overgrown and overhanging plants
  • Do not leave your shoes at your doorstep
  • When leather gloves when working on your house outside
  • Try to eliminate or reduce snake preys like rats and mice by cleaning your house and removing uneaten food

How to avoid getting bitten by a snake?

The best advice experts give is to leave the snakes alone, or at least try not to catch them. Moreover, they strongly encouraged the residents not to remove the snakes on their own from their properties, especially people living in South Australia where most sightings of deadly snakes are recorded.

Medical experts said that on the off chance you get bitten by a snake, you need to prepare for the possible worst-case scenario. Assume it’s venomous and that it can potentially be life-threatening if you don’t get medical assistance the soonest possible.


Get a Pest Control

For average people, it’s often hard to tell how deadly a snake can be. In the event of snake invasion at your property, call pest experts to address the problem.

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