Summer Pests: Bugs That Are Bugging Australian Households

How summer insects can affect you and how to keep them controlled?

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Summer Pests: Bugs That Are Bugging Australian Households

Australia is always struck by major pest problems every year – from mild incidents to costly damages to homes, and even to human health. As summer is here, the increase in average temperature also signifies the rise of insect activity.

Humans might be quite used to insects that seem to annoy human activities over the summer, there is, however, a scientific explanation to that. The real reason why pest population, especially insects, a boom in summer are the availability of food and the ideal warming temperatures. Food sources can be everywhere: ranging from blossoming flowers to trees, crops, and even a simple food party in your yard which could attract a lot of these uninvited guests.

Why insects swarm during summer?

Summer PestsInsects are “cold-blooded,” which means their body temperature is entirely dependent on the external environment. Thus, the increased temperature during summer correlates with an increased bug activity.

By the end of spring and the beginning of hot summer day, Australian will normally encounter much-swarming pests invading their household and disrupting outdoor activities. Most of these insects are over-wintering pests, which have emerged from their nesting places fully winged, highly mobile, and hungry, actively seeking for food and mates to interact with during summer.

Typically, you would see a swarm of flies around or near a food source, mosquitoes, wasps, and even spiders! Spiders also do come in high numbers during summer with the boom of potential prey to feed in. Other insect predators such as bush flies and flower flies will begin to crash your summer party, feeding on pests in your garden for free!

Are insects bad after all?

Though most insects can associate with nuisance and even health contamination, there are also insects that are highly beneficial to our environment. Bees, butterflies, moths, and ants are a great help to plant reproduction. Plants rely on these insects to pollinate, and farmers need them to have a bountiful harvest every year.

Thus, insects are never really a bad thing. They are a big part of the cycle of life, so never stop yourself from celebrating this summer. Fire up the barbeque in your garden, and celebrate with your family and friends. However, make sure always to keep preparations and preventative pest maintenance at home as continuously as possible. Also at Trusted Pest Management, we ensure that our professional pest control agents remain intact should you need assistance to pest-related situations perhaps.

What’s great with TPM is that we always stick to Integrated Pest Control (IPC) practices, guaranteeing our products, tools, and operations are surely safe, eco-friendly, and suit your needs.

Keep summer pests away this Christmas!

We don’t look forward to new barbeque parties and picnics this summer. The holiday season is also here! So it’s worthy to keep our homes safeguarded from pests to create some happier memories with our families and loved ones. Moreover, we’re here to help do that for you – available round-the-clock! Contact us.


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