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Control Bird Pest Infestation in Autumn and Winter

How to prevent bird infestationBirds are beautiful animals in Australia, but they can also be quite a pain when they start nesting on roofs and gathering in such noisy flocks.

Though they may not see so popular to regard as pests, some infestations of specific bird species can be harmful to humans, and destructive to properties.

Birds like seagulls and pigeons congregate in flocks, creating noise, and leaving a considerably large number of droppings around the area. When nesting, they tend to pick places like the house roofs or eaves which are vulnerable to damage.

Not only they can cause structural damage, but birds also carry parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites which transmitted to humans and pets. Some birds are also notable for taking deadly viruses and diseases like bird flu.

What are the signs of bird infestation?

  • Large Flock –  Birds, like seagulls and pigeons, gather in groups. If they are accumulating in large numbers in your trees or on the roof of your house, keep an eye on them and see if they go away or stay.
  • Excessive Droppings – Birds leave a mess everywhere. Once you see excessive droppings around your property, that’s one hint you have to call for help or pest treatment Brisbane. Bird droppings can create rust which eats your roof if its metal, making holes or cracks.
  • Nests – Birds ideally find house roof and eaves as perfect spots for a nest to raise their young. They will tear their way through holes and cracks, which then results in damages to property. They will also find their way into your attic which is not that pleasant.
  • Noise – Large flock of birds creates such a high sound. It’s hard not to hear them. In this case, these birds become a nuisance which can disrupt human activities.
  • During the cold months, expects birds to be more frequently visiting homes, which they think are ideal places to stay in for protection against the cold weather outdoors.

It’s not only pigeons and seagulls you must be watchful of, but as well as possums and squirrels which also seek warm places during the cold season.

If these infestations are not controlled the earliest time possible, they can result in structural damages, injuries, product contamination, and even health hazards.

Where to ask for help?

Trusted Pest Management operators follow Integrates Pest Control (IPC) practices to ensure a safe, non-invasive, eco-friendly ISO certified pest control Brisbane. We use pest treatment products and tools, or in this case, bird deterrents that are humane, nature-friendly, and extremely effective.

We have a wide array of bird deterrent categories which allow you to choose which type of bird control method best suited to your situation and budget.

Check out our other professional pest control services available across Brisbane and Sydney, and all their neighboring suburbs. Call us today.


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