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Control Aphid Infestation on Your Plants

insects aphid hemipteraAphids are tiny and can camouflage to their surrounding, making them almost invisible to the naked eye. Species may range from white, black, brown, yellow, green, red, to pink. There are some that also come in a wooly coating.

They are generally wingless. However, when population overgrows, and there comes a tight competition for food, a few can develop wings, allowing them to travel to other plants for food, and there they can reproduce and start another colony.

To identify aphid infestation, you can look for obvious signs such as curling of leaves, black patches on plant’s parts, and that sticky honeylike liquid called ‘honeydew,’ which is produced by aphids as waste.


How aphids damage plants

Aphids feed on almost every part of the plant, depending on the species. They mostly target succulent and new growth. Here are some damage aphids can cause:

    • distortion of flowers and fruits
    • gall appearance on the plant’s roots
  • curling and yellowing of leaves
  • fungal growth which is called “sooty mold” (black patches on plants), from their excrement, called as “honeydew”
  • the attraction of another potentially damaging insects such as ants

Proper aphid pest control

Aphids can multiply fast, so it’s important to put them under control before even reproduction starts. They tend to move slowly, and aphid control can be relatively easy.

Yet, it’s risky to use pesticides or insecticides on your own, especially if without proper experience. The wrong use could lead to accidental poisoning to humans and even to nature and wildlife, affecting ‘good’ insects such as bees, butterflies, botflies, etc.

In the event of an active infestation, it’s always good to ask for assistance from pest experts.

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