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Enjoy the comforts and warmth of efficient fire this winter with a well-protected chimney.

Your chimney can be a great entryway for pests and can offer an ideal shelter for a few. Birds, bats, and raccoons are the most prominent pests which will come taking refuge in a well-covered and dark chimney all safe from harsh weathers and predators. But keeping it well-guarded with all the necessary installments and shutting it properly can prevent pest infiltration all throughout the winter season.

Keep pests out of your chimney

Keeping a well-guarded house from pests means keeping up with an appropriate pest prevention at home, which can be done as follows:

  • Shut the flue – The sure way to keep unwanted pests off your chimney and house is to shut the flue after using the fireplace or when not in use. This may seem like an easy preventive measure but still, a lot of homeowners failed to shut it after the cinders went down. Keeping it closed will prevent pests from entering your chimney and into your house.
  • Install a chimney cap – For additional protection, it’s best to seal off the top of your chimney by installing a chimney cap as well as sealing cracks in your chimney.
  • Install a fireplace door – Installing a door to your fireplace will not just seal off another possible access points for pests but also protect your family members and pets from getting close to the fires. Enclosing the fireplace with a grate or trellis will provide sure safety.
  • Keep a proper firewood storage – Having a well set up firewood storage away from your house prevents pests and insects dwelling up inside your home. Keep firewood off the ground and use them in a timely manner. That said, it’s always advisable to burn old wood first as to eliminate insect colonies that must have been built up in the woodpile over a period of time.
Service Clean Protect Home Chimney

Following necessary precautions can help make your home a nice and safe place to stay in this winter. But to keep warmth and comfort enjoyed by every family member and guests, a well-protected chimney and fireplace is a must.

If you got no time and always in a hurry to do all these, or just don’t know what to do, Trusted Pest Management offers service for securing your chimney from pests. Part of our pest control program, we take focus on home and property protection from pests especially in winter season, as pests become more persistent to take shelter in houses and other enclosed properties to escape the harsh conditions outside.

We inspect your property and take note of necessary actions to eliminate occurring infestation or otherwise, prevent future pest infiltration. Contact us today!

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