Keep your home pest-free during the autumn season – Queensland & New South Wales, Australia

Keep coziness in and household pests out your property throughout the autumn season. As the autumn season slowly drawing its way closer and closer, this signifies yet another household pest problem on your property.

There is no excuse when it comes to pest infestation as pests of any kind can attack anytime. The autumn season also is another time for some common household pests to thrive – if not controlled, as soon as possible.

Pest threats in autumn

As the weather begins to cool down and leaves start falling off the trees one by one, you should not ignore the importance of keeping your property well maintained. Even though there aren’t much to worry about landscaping or outdoor decorating as fall comes, negligence of proper pest control can attract pests which are seeing your property as their perfect hideaway for the harsh weather that is about to arrive.

Rodents and other fall pests

Rodents such as mice and rats are a serious threat. Regardless of the kind of weather, they can attack ANYTIME. Driven by primal instinct, rodents know how severely the cold weather can affect them, and they go on seeking warm places where there is access to food and enclosed spots for breeding.

Rodent control should be applied before it is too late, as mice and rats are notorious for damaging wires, contaminating food, and even carrying deadly diseases. It is also important that you keep your place well-organized. Failure to properly maintain your property (both outside and inside) can be an open invitation not just to rodents, but to other common household pests for the cold season.

In an event of frenzied rodent infestation, you should have a professional rodent treatment carried out by pest experts to eliminate these pests and deter them away from your property.

Rodents are not just the menace here; there are other household pests to keep your eyes on too:

  • Stinging insects

After all the work done during summer, bees, wasps, and other stinging insects become more aggressive as the temperature drops down and food source outside grows scarce due to the cold. It is possible for these insects to find their way inside your property to rebuild their nests.

  • Roaches

Roaches are attracted to the moisture below houses, much more when there is an open access to food inside your home.

  • Ants

To escape the chill outside, ants would bring their trails on your home walls and move their colonies between your house’s bricks, or even inside those wood piles in your firewall.

Take proper caution and look for possible signs of pest infestation. Once these are neglected, pests will not only do snooping around the house but also serious damages to health and your investments. Has your property checked by a pest professional for a proper pest inspection and pest prevention?

Keep property pest-free throughout the fall season

Trusted Pest Management understands the risks of pest presence on your property. Thus, we bring you safe and effective pest control services designed to keep residential and commercial areas pest-free all year long. We got experts who can do a wide array of specialized pest treatments for common household pests of any kind.

You can do your part as well. With proper maintenance and cleanliness done in your home, you can be sure that these pests will not be a great headache and a hindrance to enjoying this season with your family and loved ones.

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