How to Keep a Proper Firewood Storage This Winter – Queensland & New South Wales, Australia

Enjoy the season with all the coziness and warmth with a well set up firewood storage and away from pests.

Firewood pests such as rodents and termites can bring tremendous damage to your home once they are brought inside. Termites can eat away all your house wooden structure and furniture; rodents can chew on valuable stuff and wirings, and contaminate food and your health through feces, urine, and saliva. These unfortunate pest infestations can begin even from one fireplace being poorly managed.

Keeping a happy and cozy home this winter also entails proper pest prevention – by keeping a good and clean firewood storage.

Stack your firewood right away

It can be such a tiring and time-consuming job to stack your firewood after cutting them or have them delivered in a messy heap. But waiting too long to stack your firewood and leaving them on the ground can introduce you to a lot of problems, which include spoiling your high-quality firewood due to moisture absorption and pest attraction. Whether you cut them on your own or delivered at your home, it is important to stack them in a nice, loose pile and off the ground to prevent them from spoiling or rotting and picking up pests.

Fire Wood Storage Pest Prevention

Store your firewood away from home

This must be a hassle, but it’s one way to keep pests off your precious home. Choose a convenient spot to store your firewood, and it MUST NOT be in your garage or against your house. This attracts pests to your home; the closer they are, the easier pests can get inside. You can have a separate quarter for your firewood storage, and stack them there dry and ideally cut to be used once winter is in.

Cover your firewood

Never waste your seasoned wood by letting them soak in the rain or snow. Once they’re wet and moistened, they cannot be used for a couple of weeks. An ideal storage should be under a shelter or at least have your woodpile covered with a tarp to keep them dry all throughout winter.

With all the coziness and warmth you wanted for this cold season, you must be prepared beforehand to have a well set up firewood storage – which includes observance to necessary pest control measures.

In an event of active pest infestation and it can’t be helped anymore, we at Trusted Pest Management will solve the problem for you. As we wish you all the comfort this winter, we see to it that we’re here round-the-clock to back you up with our pest control management solutions, keeping you free from the hassle of pests and keeping your home a happy place to live in.

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