Get Free From Termite Infestation With The Right Termite Control – Queensland & New South Wales, Australia

Termites are pests; if they are not controlled then your home is NO safe from damage

Termites are considered as pests all throughout the word. Being social insects, they live in a large number of colonies of about hundred thousand population.  They feed on wood and forage 24 hours in search of new territories.

Are termites destructive?

Termites are totally destructive when not controlled or treated, and most especially when infestation worsens. As they continue to increase and feed on a wooden structure which could be your house walls, columns, or furniture, termites damage these structures into an empty wooden shell. Also, termites are not only a threat to buildings, houses, and properties. As subterranean termites tend to forage below ground for moisture, they could also be highly destructive to crops, affecting vital parts of a plant like the roots.

Signs of termite infestation

Termite infestation happens when a termite colony finds its way to a property like tunnels, and start feeding on cellulose-based materials like wood, furniture, and other structures made from wood. In other cases, termites also live and feed on crops.

Termite infestation could be hard to detect if these insects thrive unseen below surface. But there could be active signs such as:

  1. Visible soil-covered paths on the walls or columns built my termites as their safe passage.
  2. Termite swarms or discarded wings on the ground from winged reproductive termites sent to find and build a new colony.
  3. Termite droppings that had fallen from the ceiling or furniture. These droppings look like very tiny wood-colored specs excreted by these insects.

It is best recommended to have a pest control expert inspect the property for you even before some signs of infestation become active to prevent costly damages in the future.

Is your property at risk?

Your house or property could be at risk anytime when it comes to termite attacks. As we consider our properties our large investment, it should be given with paramount attention especially to pest invasion. This is no different to commercial facilities as well.

What’s bad about termites is that they can infest and thrive without being noticed unless they hang out in the open. If you encountered active signs of infestation, you can treat them yourself with some termite control alternatives at home or have a pest operator near you to check your area and solve the problem the best way possible.

Here’s how:

How to solve termite infestation?

There is only way effective solution to termite infestation and that is to prevent it before it happens. Not only that a termite infestation causes you devastating damage, it can also cause expensive repairs. To prevent these, have your property inspected as soon as possible by skilled pest operators.

But if unfortunately, your property happened to be already infested, we have pest experts at Trusted to deliver effective and safe termite treatment.

Trusted Pest Management offers eco-friendly termite control solutions to all residential and commercial customers with the integration of Integrated Pest Control (IPC) practices. Part of our program, we perform rigorous termite inspection for signs of termite attack and annual maintenance checkup to ensure your home is safe from termites all year round. Have your property inspected as early as you can! Call us!

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