Commercial Food Handling Pest Control

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Nothing is more displeasing than encountering pests in food facilities and in the food we eat. The presence of pests can only indicate poor sanitary maintenance and negligence in proper food handling facility pest control in food processing sectors.

Food handling facilities are no exception when it comes to pest infestation. Anytime, pests can be brought into the premises through the supply chain, packaging, and the ingredients. Even the facility itself has a lot of factors that can attract pests to sneak in which includes available food, shelter, warmth, lighting, water, and safety – all ideal conditions for pests to thrive.

Pest infestation is critical to human health and consumption as pests are all notable for carrying deadly viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and germs. Their contamination can start by a single dropping in the ingredients, or a fur or feather, and even body parts in the processed products. Pests can also cause damage in packaging through bite marks and scratches.

Not taking appropriate measures can lead to financial costs from the damage of products and stock and legal actions from disgruntled customers due to compromised health and dissatisfaction – which can all lead to business closure.

Kitchen Pest Control and Management

Commercial food facility pest maintenance

Pest control is crucial when it comes to the food industry. Commercial food processing facilities should always take proper pest control management on top of priorities as this is has a great impact on the business itself and the consumers’ health.

Proper food facility pest maintenance requires the implementation of Integrated Pest Control (IPC) practices, following basic steps towards appropriate and safe pest treatment and prevention – that is exactly what we do in all our pest control operations.

Our pest experts at Trusted Pest Management start off with rigorous food facility pest inspection to identify the suitable actions and treatment to any pest infestation going on in your facilities. We see to it that all our products and tools are eco-friendly, NON-toxic, and safe to human health and nature. Additionally, we follow up with consistent pest maintenance to keep pests out of your properties and refrain them from interfering with your business transactions.

Keeping your food business smoothly running means trusting only a true expert to provide you with the safest and most effective facility pest control methods. Free yourself and your business from the nuisance of pest infestation. Call us for a free pest inspection today!