How pests react to heat wave and how can it affect us?

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Pest Infestation: Why Pests Annoy Us More in Summer

mosquitoAccording to the World Economic Forum, 15 of the hottest places on Earth are in Australia as of January 2019. Fruits are burning to crisp from the outside, and more and more areas are greatly affected by this so-called heatwave. This phenomenon is not just the thing that we should worry about – hot weathers signify a more intense pest infestation.

As of the year 2019, Australia is sweltering under extremely high temperatures in this year’s summer, with the heatwave sweeping across the country which goes up to 14c above average.

There is already a reported increase in ozone levels, particularly in places across Sydney. The ozone levels are at its highest in the afternoon, limiting outdoor times during the day.

Intense heat wave could raise serious problems, especially among elders and young ones who suffered from asthma and respiratory diseases. With this scorching heat, not only people will experience severe health issues, but as well as a possible increase in pest activity.


How Pests React to Heat Wave?

As the temperature rises, anyone can expect the increase in pest invasion, particularly insects and bugs. Insects are cold-blooded species, meaning their body temperature is entirely dependent on the temperature of the environment around them. Many insects, including mosquitoes, don’t just survive in extreme heat – they thrive.

The effects of sweltering weather allow (most of all) insects to breed rapidly compared to the cold season. The increased temperature can also help eggs and larvae mature faster.

During heat wave, some of the impacts include:

  • an increased insect population
  • lower crop production
  • the fast lifecycle of pests
  • early breeding of insects
  • the shortened time between insect generations
  • major changes in insect activity


Common Pest Activities during Summer

Being ‘ectothermic’ or cold-blooded, insects can handle the heat, but that doesn’t mean they like to burn to a crisp under the scorching heat of the sun. In other words, more and more insects will try to get indoors, as to seek shelter and escape the extreme heat outside.

Insect activity is always at its highest during summer.

Houses are much more attractive to insects, as it can provide them with the ideal protection from the extreme weather, as well as the availability of food and moisture inside. Given any possible access or a ride home, insects and even other pests may cause serious problems in the future.

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