Our Business

“The Trusted Experience”

It’s crazy to think that I have now being involved in the pest control industry for 21 years. My father first introduced me to pest control when I was 15. School holidays turned into helping out dad – no doubt like so many others fathers and sons.

Being fortunate to be trained by arguably one of the best pest control technicians within the Brisbane community, my father continually enforced the notion that customer service is imperative. Listen to your customer, always go back if a problem arises, use the best product available, and do a good job.

With these skills and the energy of a young entrepreneur, I could not help but study and understand the trade industry as a hole. Even though I was a pest controller, I was continually exposed to other trades such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters & builders. Listening to client’s feedback of praise and criticism of other trades was a great way to understand what clients or the public are looking for. Added in the experience of dealing with property managers of residential homes and commercial properties, I can truly say I have learnt a great deal about what “YOU” the client is looking for.

This has being the reasoning behind creating the “The Trusted Experience”

“The Trusted Experience is the idea of giving our clients the most amazing experience of customer service and professionalism as possible. This experience starts from the moment you contact our office or simply visit our website.

“The Trusted Experience is the feeling of being dealt with professionally and respectfully.

  • Our administration staff has taking or returned your call.
  • That our service was clearly explained to you our service over the phone & a desirable time booked in. A firm quotation issued.
  • A confirmation sent out to you.
  • Our technician turning up on time. A phone call performed if our technician is running late.
  • Our technician being presentable and clean.
  • Our technician outlining the service and speaking respectfully and professionally.
  • Our technician answering any questions of curiosity or concern.
  • Our technicians using only Child, Food & Pet SAFE products.
  • Our technician completely a thorough service & safe service to your property.
  • Our technician issuing an invoice for the quoted amount.

This experience extends not only to our residential clients but also our real estate and commercial clients.

“The Trusted Experience contains a facet of urgency when a job is marked IMPORTANT. Getting to urgent jobs as quickly as possible. Resolving any issue that our clients have & never turning away from a problem. Responding to all feedback good or bad in a professional manner.

“The Trusted Experience is about our clients knowing and feeling that “YOU” are in good hands.