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Mosquito Pest Control in Sydney

Keep mosquitoes off your family and your home with Trusted’s unique pest control.

mosquito pest control in SydneySpring season is yet another time to watch for spring pest insects that may attack our homes. One of those that people must be watchful of are mosquitoes that are on the high alert in search of a bloody meal.

Mosquitoes are always regarded as a great concern due to serious health problems they caused upon their victims – human or animal. Mosquitoes carry terrible diseases and could inject them in the form of sucking blood from their host. They often come out in great numbers after the long cold months of winter, and they are on the move this springtime.

Despite the smallness of its size, one single mosquito could kill – as they carry some of the deadliest viruses in the world such as the Zika Virus, West Nile, and dengue.


Life Cycle

Female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite, and suck blood that is essential to produce eggs and for their fast maturation. Using their sharp proboscis, they can cut through our pores, suck blood, and fill their gut until its full. They lay their eggs on any water surface when given easy access. Common nesting places could be a rock pool, damp area, open water containers, and drying-out muddy areas in forests or parks.

The eggs hatch in as early as three days, and will only take a few more days for the larvae to grow into a full grown adult.


Rising Mosquito Problem in Australia

Mosquito problem is never a new issue in Australia. In fact, despite the transition of seasons, mosquitoes can stay active all throughout the year. In Sydney, mosquito pest infestation has become a serious local authority problem.

There are two species native in New South Wales: the Culex Quinquetasciotus and Aedes Riotoscriptus. Both species have different characteristics, but both are a significant problem for residents and have even attacked livestock.

The Culex species is known to attack indoors at night and often feeds on poultry when available. Same with other mosquitoes, they prefer darker situations such as cupboards, behind doors, curtains, and wardrobes.

On the other hand, the Aedes is most prevalent to attack outdoors after dusk and has more appetite for human blood. They breed in tree-holes and rock pools in the forest as long as it haswater on it, as well as in containers. The thing about Aedes is that their eggs are resistant to drying, and can still thrive for months in a moist atmosphere.


How to Prevent (and control) Mosquito Infestation

Many authorities in Queensland have come up with solutions to prevent further mosquito attacks. As for better prevention, pre-hatching treatment is advised. This process means treating areas where eggs are laid (before mutation and subsequent hatching of eggs,) and those areas that could potentially be a place for breeding.

In addition, Queensland has also come up with an aerial application, but this requires proper identification and thorough inspection. Therefore, professionals or agencies that perform the aerial application must conduct appropriate observation to identify the mosquito species, which involves finding out its risk/disease potential, the level of nuisance it has caused, and areas it has targeted (single household, domestic, etc.)


Mosquito Pest Control

We at Trusted Pest Management Brisbane perform thorough mosquito pest control Sydney measures as per rules set by local and ecological departments, keeping residents and nature out of harm on top of everything we do. If you have mosquito problems, our specials will be readily available round-the-clock to have a comprehensive mosquito pest treatment completed at your property. Call us!

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