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Home Pest Invaders: Proactive Pest Control in Autumn and Winter

rodent controlA large number of animals and insects follow us indoors when temperatures drop. Surprising as it may seem, autumn and winter are the most pest-infested seasons of the year. Some pests may have been active all year long, and pest activities tend to worsen during these cold months.

Why are Autumn and Winter the worst seasons for pests?

Cold temperatures. Harsh weathers. Scarcity of food and warm shelter outdoors. Those are significant factors that drive pests into our home.

The heavy rainfalls and monsoons taking place in autumn and chilling air in winter are not ideal for insects and wildlife to thrive. Moreover, thus, they seek refuge in the nearest property possible.

It helps to be more watchful during these cold months as pests become more aggressive when they perceive temperatures are dropping.

Signs of Pest Infestation

Some signs of active pest infestation can be obvious to spot on, and some might require thorough examination depending on the type of pest. The most common symptoms are animal and insect droppings.

Once you spot these nasty fecal matters around, especially in excessive amounts, you should consider having a pest control operator check your property to recommend or carry out important pest control methods.

Pests like rodents, cockroaches, birds, and possums are notable for making a mess. Their droppings are scattered all around, specifically near nesting sites. It is where possible health contamination starts, especially when humans or pets get in contact with them or when they get transferred to food.

Another indication of an active infestation is noise. Rodents, possums, and birds make noticeable noise when they gather in groups, or when they get into small fights. There are times that you may have heard tiny feet scampering in the ceiling, over the roof, or in the attic, squeaks, and twitters in chorus.

Additionally, pest damages in furniture, belongings, and structural parts would also be important indicators, such as chewed wires or clothes, holes, cracks, and stains on the wall, flooring, and mattresses.

TPM Professional Pest Control Service

With the colder months coming in winter, more pest activities will likely to occur indoors, especially with all the factors that contribute to the pest survival: warm shelter, food, and water availability, and moisture. If you feel like your property is already infested by pests, but still unsure of what to do, consider calling a pest operator for a professional home and garden pest control Brisbane service.

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