Don’t panic! But insects can handle the heat!

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Watch Out! Pests Can Survive In Extreme Summer Heat

Watch Out! Pests Can Survive In Extreme Summer HeatWith the soaring temperatures in the Australian summer, people are doing ways to keep themselves cool. But what about insects?

We all know insects are common during summer as they can handle the heat. Insects are cold-blooded, meaning their body temperatures adjust to the present temperatures in the environment – the reason being why they thrive well in the heat than in the cold.

The warm temperature is what insects love to allow them to breed faster and the reproduction cycle to intensify. With all these …

Keep Safe from the Worst of Summer Pests

pest managementNow that summer is here, people across Australia have started to wonder what other different methods there are to keep pests at bay. With the sweltering conditions present in Australia currently, pests seem to get a little more aggressive in finding a place to protect themselves from the worst of the summer sun.

For many of us, the pest can be truly bombarding, especially for those who have mosquito-friendly blood. Talk about hearing that irritating whine around your ears and getting that super itchy bite marks.

Chemical sprays and other quick fixes might …

Keep Bug Pests Off Your Beloved Christmas Tree

How exciting it is to be finally putting up our Christmas trees in our homes. Most people always look forward to setting up Christmas decorations when December arrives, and a Christmas tree is one of the most significant ones.

Whether you have a real tree or an artificial one, both can be an ideal place for bugs such as spiders, roaches, ants, and mites to live in.

Every Christmas tree can harbour bugs inside your home. Some may have been living in it for a long time as an ideal hideaway or protection; others …

Pest Prevention: Avoid A Bedbug Attack

pest inspection

Waking up from a good night’s sleep after realizing that unpleasant bite from a notorious “nightcrawler”, or more so a bed bug?

Bedbug population has exploded around the world, appearing to be a global spike in infestations. In Australia, there already is a whopping increase in the bedbug population up to 5000 percent since 2000.

With the increased number of travels nowadays, you likely might have accidentally gotten a bedbug from your hotel room, hitch a ride into your luggage and then transfer into your room’s sheets and furniture. Other instances could …

Ant Control in Springtime

pest control

Ant problem is commonly on the rise in springtime. Ants become more active looking for a new area to re-establish their colony and rich food sources. The warm temperature in spring and the food and water available in your home allows them to thrive, even during the worst of the sun when summer comes.

As the temperature goes up, ants will forage a bit more and farther in search of food and extend their colonies to areas or buildings that can give access to resources that they need.

Unfortunately, our beloved homes and …

Pest Control Tips To Keep Pests Out In The Warm Springtime

pest control

As the end of springtime approaches, the warm temperature of summer now starts to draw closer. It also signals the higher rise of both insects and wildlife – more active and desperate in search of food, shelter from the hot weather, and water. And all of those are exactly what your home can offer them.

In spring, we are already seeing increased activity with small mammals such as rodents that are starting to actively look for food and friends.

The activity may differ depending on your location. In most areas, residents would frequently …

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