Warning: Termites are still a threat to your home even when it's cold.

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Comprehensive Termite Control in Autumn and Winter

Comprehensive Termite Control in Autumn and WinterAlong with many other insects and wildlife that invade Australian households are destructive termites or termed as the “white ants.”

Like most pests, termites also remain active throughout the year. Though cold temperatures starting by the end of autumn and during winter may somewhat alter their behaviour. They will move their way deeper into the ground to get access to the available warmth underground.

Egg production continues, but a little steady this time compared to the growing population during the warm months….

Control Bird Pest Infestation in Autumn and Winter

How to prevent bird infestationBirds are beautiful animals in Australia, but they can also be quite a pain when they start nesting on roofs and gathering in such noisy flocks.

Though they may not see so popular to regard as pests, some infestations of specific bird species can be harmful to humans, and destructive to properties.

Birds like seagulls and pigeons congregate in flocks, creating noise, and leaving a considerably large number of droppings around the area. When nesting, they tend to pick places like the house roofs …

Get to Know the Common Autumn Pests

ant-bugSummer might be over, but if you thought you were finally relieved from pests, you’re wrong. Even as days are starting to cool, pests remain unstoppable, also become more aggressive as the cold, harsh winter season is ahead. The beginning of the autumn season might only be another time to battle with pests.

The beginning of the cold days makes our warm homes even more tempting to pests. Also, they are in desperate need to get indoors.If you’re not sure of how to prepare, here are  some of the …

Pest-proof your Home this Autumn Season

brown ratAutumn is finally here. It is lovely seeing nature’s beautiful transition with trees changing from lush green to brown. However, what might be scenic for most of us turns out as well the time to be extra watchful of invading pests.

Autumn is the time when pests, including cockroaches, rodents, and spiders go desperate in search of places to hide in and protect them selves from the harsh weather in winter.

It is always advised for homeowners to take note of pest-proofing tips, and the importance they …

Factors That Make Your Property Prone to Pest Infestation

Pest infestation is one of the significant problems that brought great devastation and fatalities among properties and people. This occurrence is one of the factors causing health problems, disease outbreaks, and even costly structural damages. However, how do you control or at least prevent pest infestation?

rat removalPest infestation happens when there is access: possible entry points that allow pests to sneak in. Along with it is the possible attraction from available resources such as food, water, moisture, and even humidity. These resources are essential upon the reproduction of …

Protect Your Pets from Fleas

how to protect your pet from fleasFleas are a common problem for all pet owners. The sight of these pesky, creepy crawlies in your pets is enough to make our skin crawl.

Our pets can get them anywhere, from other animals or from flea-infested areas. Once they are given a ride home, they can potentially grow in high numbers which is why you need to be mindful and get rid of them quick even before reproduction starts.

During the summer season, flea infestation is on high levels for …

Pest Infestation: Why Pests Annoy Us More in Summer

mosquitoAccording to the World Economic Forum, 15 of the hottest places on Earth are in Australia as of January 2019. Fruits are burning to crisp from the outside, and more and more areas are greatly affected by this so-called heatwave. This phenomenon is not just the thing that we should worry about – hot weathers signify a more intense pest infestation.

As of the year 2019, Australia is sweltering under extremely high temperatures in this year’s summer, with the heatwave sweeping across the country which goes up to 14c above average.

There is already …

Control Aphid Infestation on Your Plants

insects aphid hemipteraAphids are tiny and can camouflage to their surrounding, making them almost invisible to the naked eye. Species may range from white, black, brown, yellow, green, red, to pink. There are some that also come in a wooly coating.

They are generally wingless. However, when population overgrows, and there comes a tight competition for food, a few can develop wings, allowing them to travel to other plants for food, and there they can reproduce and start another colony.

To identify aphid infestation, you can look for obvious signs such as curling of …

Summer Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests at Bay

Summer Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests at BayPest infestations are at its worst during summer in Australia – probably not much what everyone wants to experience.

We expect to see the warning signs of invasion that comes along the ‘heat wave.’ The higher the temperature rises, the graver the infestation becomes.

Being mindful of your surroundings and pest activities is tantamount to living a happier life, free from any pest interference and its damage to your property. Here are some tips that you …

Summer Pests: Snake Plague in Australia and How to Manage it?

snakeFor Australians, summer means more than just hot sunny weather and barbeque parties.  It also signifies a big season for snakes in general.

Snake plague is a major concern in Australia. As it’s the country to most snake species, residents often encounter these unexpected coiling guests in the bathroom, in the ceiling, under the bed, and even right in front of their doorstep.

Virtually everywhere, a snake can be encountered in Australia – a nightmare for many people. Most residents have already considered them as pests as they …

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