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Important Things To Do When Having A Pest Control

Important Things To Do When Having A Pest ControlWhen you’re planning to have pest control in your property, it is best to give pest professionals space.  So they can do their job smoothly and safely with minimal interruption.

Most pest control operators won’t necessarily have you vacate your home completely. It is ideal for giving pest operators enough space to move around freely to make their job easier and with much concentration.

You might need you to move furniture around, as long you get clear of possible obstructions that can get in the …

How To Tell If Your Property Is Pest-infested?

How To Tell If Your Property Is Pest-infestedThe first step to keeping your property pest-free is staying vigilant at all times, and knowing when and where you have a pest problem. Pests are sneaky and stealth so we must outsmart them. Although they are good at hiding, there are many ways to tell if your property is pest-infested.

Pests and their activities vary according to seasonal changes. As for the winter season, read more of the winter pest signs on .

However, for most pest infestation happening throughout the year, signs are common and …

How To Prepare For Spring Pests In Winter Season

How To Prepare For Spring Pests In Winter SeasonIt’s the last month of the winter season, what does that mean? Spring is on the way – as well as the arrival of spring pests. Wildlife and insects are finally waking up from being dormant, and are on their desperate move to search for food that also comes abundant in spring.

While you still have time to prepare for the dreaded spring pest invasion this late winter.

Take knowledge of some of the practical pest control tips to avoid pesky pests that could wreak …

Importance of Pest Control in Winter

importance for pest control in winterSurely you are rugged up with a lovely hot beverage and taking five. Winter is perfect for that. However, it is also time to focus more on your pest control measures against pests seeking refuge in your home to get away from the cold.

Why is pest control important in winter?
Most people have this misconception about winter pests, and that pest control should be the least concern, as most animals and insects go dormant. That is a big mistake people are stepping onto it. The absence of mosquitoes …

Ant Control in Winter

antsIt’s midwinter, and it’s freezing outside, and you feel quite relieved that insect activity seemed off around. However, then suddenly, you noticed these lines of ants making their way into your home and on your wall, just marching out of nowhere.

The truth is, ants never really get dormant even during the harshest weather. Instead, they venture into warm homes to survive the cold, nest and re-establish their colonies.

Ants are relentless, yet are predictable. Thus, this gives you quite the advantage on how to stop and prevent them from infesting your home.

What and …

How to Keep Overwintering Pests Off Your Property

brown ratDo you ever wonder why suddenly bugs are coming rampant in your house when in fact it’s winter, and bugs should be off hibernating somewhere? Not all insects go dormant during winter.

These bugs coming into your home are “overwintering.” It’s their way to survive the cold temperatures without having to go into hibernation.

Bugs overwinter by searching for a warm place to stay. So, in this case, might be YOUR home.

When the temperatures drop, overwintering bugs will look for structure, leaves, and soil to hide in and protect themselves from the cold.

During …

Keep Insect Pests Out this Winter

Keep Insect Pests Out this WinterOften, people ask if pest control is necessary during winter. Yes, it is! It’s important to know that NOT all pests retreat to their safe abode and disturb us no more. Most notably, many insects would still be around even during the harshest of the cold weather.
So what are these common winter insects?
These insects never go dormant, regardless of what season there is. However, with the cold months rolling in, quite expect some crawling in your house for refuge, warmth, and food.

Cockroaches – These critters are active …

Rodent Control in Winter

Rodent Control in WinterIt’s a common misconception for most people that when winter season comes in, the pests of the warmer months have left. Though there might be a massive change in pest activity upon the beginning of the cold months, pests, still a lot of them, don’t go dormant in winter. One of them is rodents, that is why you must remain extra watchful of these home-damaging pests.

Rodents are wild and pesky. They will find all their way to get into one’s property.

Now that the cold weather is rolling in, rodents …

Pest Prevention in Winter Season

Pest Prevention in Winter SeasonWhen the winter comes, most wildlife and insects hibernate to survive the cold and hinder themselves from starving during the cold months. It might be a relief for most people, but as much as you’ve never thought, winter doesn’t mean pest activity goes into pause. Other pests are in their desperate need to enter homes for warmth, shelter, and food.

It’s crucial that you keep proper pest control on top of your checklist to keep pests at bay and off your beloved property.

Before indulging in your hot chocolate …

Home Pest Invaders: Proactive Pest Control in Autumn and Winter

rodent controlA large number of animals and insects follow us indoors when temperatures drop. Surprising as it may seem, autumn and winter are the most pest-infested seasons of the year. Some pests may have been active all year long, and pest activities tend to worsen during these cold months.
Why are Autumn and Winter the worst seasons for pests?
Cold temperatures. Harsh weathers. Scarcity of food and warm shelter outdoors. Those are significant factors that drive pests into our home.

The heavy rainfalls and monsoons taking place in autumn …

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